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OrangeHRM NOT Vulnerable to Heartbleed

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As you may know the heartbleed vulnerability has been a major concern during the past week.

We are please to inform you that we and our service providers were secured from this attack at all times and were never vulnerable due to security measures of our own on top of SSL.

You can findout more details about the vulnarability and the measures from the details below.


The Heartbleed bug ( is a serious vulnerability in OpenSSL 1.0.1 through 1.0.1.f.

This vulnerability allows an attacker to read chunks of memory from servers and clients that connect using SSL through a flaw in OpenSSL’s implementation of the heartbeat extension.

OpenSSL provides critical functionality in the internet ecosystem, and therefore vulnerabilities, such as Heartbleed, have a significant impact on digital communications and their integrity.

Is my OrangeHRM account affected by Heartbleed?

OrangeHRM’s SSL certificate end point was not vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug when it was publicly disclosed on April 7th 2014.

Any secure communication with our servers was not affected by any attacks following the public disclosure of the Heartbleed bug.

The Heartbleed bug has had a profound impact on the transmission of secure data through the Internet.

It is for that reason we are encouraging our customers to reset their passwords at their earliest convenience as a matter of common password maintenance.

Please remember to always make your passwords unique, random, and periodically rotate them.

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OrangeHRM Secured

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OrangeHRM continuously keeps on updating its products in order to provide the best solution to customers and also to make sure that the system is secure whereby hackers cannot hack into the system. We have used security good practices and patterns when coding; used industry standard frameworks which have built-in features to prevent common security vulnerabilities. Our developers have been trained on security practices to make sure our code is secure.

The OrangeHRM community and some freelance security experts have been assisting us on this regard too. Security expert, Kenneth Sager, was able to find vulnerabilities in our system. He has chosen OrangeHRM for his review because it was the most popular download on In his spare time Kenneth performs independent reviews of software solutions such as OrangeHRM, this process is called “bug hunting”. He has been able to discover some “bugs” in our system. He has informed us about those and we were prompt to fix them.

In the past other large institutions such as High-Tech Bridge SA in Switzerland, IBM Internet Security Systems X-Force, and Juniper Networks USA have stepped forward to test OrangeHRM for any vulnerability and assisted us to identify and fix them.

Juniper Networks USA

IBM Internet Security Systems X-Force

High-Tech Bridge SA

Sad Geeks In Snow

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OrangeHRM now available in Chinese, French & German

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OrangeHRM has been translated to many languages during the past few years; however most of the other OrangeHRM add-ons didn’t translations for any languages. As the first phase of providing translations for all major languages with our new product line which is the OrangeHRM Open Source version, OrangeHRM Professional and OrangeHRM Enterprise we have translations for Chinese, French and German.

The Chinese language (Madarin) being the most widely spoken language in the world in 2013 and with OrangeHRM having an increasing number of users from China, we have translated the product to Chinese in order to provide a more convenient product to clients. Thanks to Freddy Hew for the translations a native Chinese speaker with over 25 years of experience in Chinese to English translations..

France is another country has been using the open source version increasingly in the past few years. We also have a number of clients using our advanced versions and we have received many requests for the system to be translated to French. Eulalie Mulero, a professional translator since 2008 and has been translating English and Spanish to French completed the translation.

Finally for the 1st phase we have the German language pack ready again due to the over whelming user requests. Stephan Hornick, a German language teacher completed this translation.

We have started the 2nd phase of this project and we are glad to let you know that Spanish, Italian and Dutch packs are in line to be released in the 1stquarter of 2014.

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OrangeHRM @ xTuple Annual Conference 2013

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ERP systems aren’t complete with an HRM component in it. HR being a vast domain on its own, ERP software companies aren’t really able to pioneer this art. This was one of the main reasons for integration of the OrangeHRM system and the xTuple ERP. This integration puts together a complete power package to manage your business all from one single application.

Using the REST API system we have been able to integrate the OrangeHRM and xTuple with key feature being a centralized employee database. So for example, when a new employee joins a company his/her information will be updated in PIM and then the information will be available in xTuple as well. Also when an employee leaves the company he/she will be terminated from both the OrangeHRM system and the xTuple system. Customers will be able to import and export details about employees within the two systems.

Click here ( to watch a quick demo of some the key highlights.

This week xTuple hosted its annual conference in Norfolk, VA, United States where our CEO & Co-founder Sujee Saparamadu discussed and presented the current integrations and the roadmap of this partner. This year the event saw over 500 industry professionals and key note speeches from many experts.

xTuple Conference 2013 ( Saparamadu demonstrates integration between xTuple and Orangehrm

Photo credit: xTuple

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Tips for Reducing Employee Turnover

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Reducing employee turnover can be considered as a headache for many businesses. It is one of the biggest challenges faced by businesses in the present world. Employee turnover can be an unnecessary cost for a company and business owners try their best to eliminate these expenses by reducing employee turnover. This article will teach you some effective tips, which can be used to reduce employee turnover in your business.

Pay a fair salary - In the prevailing economy, salary is the most crucial factor for an employee. Almost all the employees decide to leave if they don’t get a reasonable salary. Therefore, the company owners should pay a fair salary to all the employees. They should provide a good idea about the salary to the employees during the interviews. Then the employees will decide whether they should work for the company or not.

Employee Recognition - Employees work hard for the development of your business and they should be recognized in a proper way. You can implement employee recognition in your company by offering an award like “Employee of the Month”. Then all the employees will get a feeling towards the company and it will assist you to reduce employee turnover.

Create a team feeling - It is crucial for all the company owners to create a team feeling inside the company. If the employee feels like he or she belongs to a team, they will emphasize the important of working in a team. This will benefit your company at the end of the day.

Provide ongoing training - Training is an essential factor that should be provided continuously. You can design courses to assist employees in resolving their problems related to work. This will help employees to reduce their hassle at work and work with more comfort. This is one of the best methods available for the company owners to increase member retention.

Provide ongoing feedback - As business owners, you need to make performance evaluations on a regular basis and provide feedback for all the employees working under your company. Business owners have a clear idea about the mission more than employees. You can direct and guide your employees to achieve that mission by providing continuous employee feedback.

Balance work life - Balancing work life lies high on the list of reducing employee turnover strategies. When the employees get too much of work, they feel the stress and tend to leave the company within few weeks. Therefore, you need to get assistance from HR experts and provide a flexible schedule for all the employees. The effectiveness of this strategy has been proven and it can be found in almost all the successful businesses.

These are only a few tips which can assist you to reduce employee turnover inside the company. You need to be practical at work and assist the employees during their difficult situations. These tips have generated successful results and any business owner can implement them without any hesitation.


Prepare, motivate and be confident on your next job interview

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In this current economy it is not only difficult to land employment with a decent paycheck it is also difficult to pass an interview. Many companies have limited positions that are ready to be filled with many applicants applying. If you have made it to a job interview then there was something in your resume that stood out from many of the others that were submitted for the same job. Now you just need to get through the interview process. Most interview processes require two interviews; the initial interview and the follow up interview which is the decision making interview.

Here is an interview guideline that will help you prepare, be motivated and be confident during the interview process.

Calm Yourself – There is nothing worse than offering a sweaty hand when meeting a prospective employer. Prior to walking inside for your interview, take in some deep breaths to relax your body and release any stress. Do not have any coffee or caffeine prior to your interview and make sure you have had something to eat. There is nothing worse than a growling stomach while you are trying to be professional and confident. Remember that an interview is a professional conversation between two people.

Organize Yourself – Make sure you always do homework to learn about the company or corporation you are applying to. Learning about how the company started and how long they have been in business is a plus as this shows you are genuinely interested in working for this particular company. Make sure you are well groomed and look professional. Always bring with you a copy of your resume along with a complete list of your references and hand them to the interviewer after you shake hands. When you present yourself at an interview as being organized you are making an excellent impression with the person who is giving you the interview.

Never think Negatively – Never say anything bad or indifferent about a previous employer or fellow employees. If you do, you are setting yourself up for instant failure on your interview.  Expressing yourself that you enjoy learning new aspects of a business is a plus.  You are always going to be asked: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”  Your answer should be:  “As manager of ‘x’ department.”  Do not tap your fingers on the arm of the chair or make your legs bounce.  Always sit up straight and confident with your hands folded on your lap.  Body language is important and your interviewer will pick up any negative vibes you may be sending through the air. Never say anything bad about your finances, apartment, spouse, children or even the weather.  If you start thinking positively all of the time then your whole outlook on everything will change to the positive.

Face your Fears – No one likes going on an interview as it is a stressful process in obtaining a job.  It is ok to be scared just do not show it.  You should be proud of yourself for being selected for an interview; therefore you did something right and nothing wrong.  The person whom you will be interviewing with puts their pants on the same way you do:  one leg at a time.  Just because they make a large salary doesn’t make them any more special than you are.

Imagine Success – As you walk into your interview, walk in as if you already have the job.  You are already knowledgeable about the position and have experience or you would not be there.  When you have an air of success about you you will then be successful in what ever endeavor you take on in life.

Do YOUR Best – Present yourself in the best possible fashion during your interview.  It is ok if you do not have all of the answers to questions you may be asked.  It is perfectly fine to say “I do not have a lot of experience in …”.  By presenting yourself the best way possible, with confidence, a smile on your face and willingness to learn you are a shoe-in for the job.  Be your best possible self but don’t over do it.

Ease into the interview – Remember, as you are shaking hands with the interviewer ask them “How are you today?”  This will break the ice on your end and will help you relax. Hand the interviewer a copy of your resume and references.  Let the interviewer ask all of the questions until he asks if you have any questions.

Never leave home without It (Confidence) – You should always be confident about yourself.  Remember, no one is any better than you are just because they have a nice house or make more money.  Having confidence shows on your face, your wardrobe and most importantly your body language.  Having positive body language is important as it shows you are not scared of anything and you are not scared to ask questions if you do not know something.

Communicate clearly and concisely - Communicating with proper English and with “yes sir/ma’am or No/sir/ma’am” and providing only answers to any questions asked of you is all that the interviewer is looking for.  Never start to elaborate unless you are asked to.  Then make it short and sweet and to the point.

Engage and enjoy the interview – It’s ok to loosen up a little bit during an interview.  You do not have to sit in your chair like a stick as that will show a weakness of being scared.  You want to show your confidence.  If you are asked a question regarding something you excel in your answers should be fluent and spoken with a smile on your face.  There is nothing to be scared of during an interview.

So there you have it. If you follow these guidelines you should ace your interview without a problem. Be confident in your looks, your mannerisms your speech and your body language. Always be prepared and know a little bit about the company you are applying to for a job. Bring along your resume and reference list all stapled nicely together.

Take a deep breath before you enter the interview and blow out the nervousness. Walk in with an air of confidence and composure and always be positive in all of your answers.


OrangeHRM Training in Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta Training

Our fourth OrangeHRM Certified Administrator training was held in Jakarta on the 20th and 21st of June 2013. The training was organized by Titus Permadi, OrangeHRM Gold Partner for Indonesia. Indonesia has been keen on open source solutions and cloud based solutions in the last few years. Titus has been a key figure in the community helping users of OrangeHRM to implement cost effective solutions.



Extreme programming and TDD workshop at CSE, University of Moratuwa

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Extreme programming(XP) is one of many Agile software development methodologies which makes the development process responsive for changing customer requirements. It is more focusing on disciplines which needs to be followed by developers, rather than just improving the process. Following are some best practices which introduced by XP.

  • Test Driven Development
  • Continuous Integration
  • Collective code ownership
  • Pair Programming
  • Simple incremental design and Refactoring

In order help students to experience XP practices, OrangeHRM engineering team have conducted a workshop on XP for Computer Science & Engineering department in University of Moratuwa in 2013-July.

Please click here to view the presentation


Some of the Coolest Jobs in the World

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According to a recent survey, around 60% of the people from around the world are not satisfied with their jobs. In most cases, people select wrong jobs. There are several job opportunities which offer a perfect combination of work and fun. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest job opportunities which offer fun, money and job satisfaction.

Chocolate taster

Chocolate manufacturers make chocolates in various lots, and few chocolates from each lot are sent to chocolate tasters for certification. As a chocolate taster, you have to eat those chocolates and make sure that their taste matches certain quality standards. Working as a chocolate taster is one of the best job opportunities for sure, but you will have to allot some time for exercise every day, to get rid of that extra weight which you might gain because of eating various chocolates.

There is no specific degree required to apply for this job, however, you should have knowledge about various chocolates available in the market.

Bed tester

This may sound funny, but, do you wish to get paid for sleeping? That is what a bed tester is expected to do, sleep on a new bed every day and give a feedback about the comfort level while he or she was sleeping in that bed. To put it in simple words, all that you need to do is talk about the positive and negative aspects of the bed.

In most cases, companies which manufacture luxury beds for hotels, hire bed testers on monthly basis to test their products before they are sold in the market. This process of bed testing is also known as ’sleep survey’. There is no necessary qualification required, but some knowledge about beds is important.

Movie reviewer or Movie critic

Just imagine! You get a chance to watch several movies every day, talk about the positive, negative aspects of the movie and get paid for it! This is certainly one of the best job opportunities available in the market. You can join an entertainment website, magazine, or a newspaper as a movie reviewer and earn while you also have fun. As a movie critic, or a movie reviewer, you should have the ability to write a short review about the movie and explain the readers about why they should watch a particular movie or miss it. For this job, companies prefer to hire someone with a degree or a certification course in mass communication.

Work as a Google street view car driver

This car that takes pictures on streets, makes videos about the traffic conditions, and gets a clear view of what’s going on in various backyards! There is not much information available about how these car drivers are hired.

It is clear that there are various other companies like Apple, Blackberry, and Microsoft which are planning to launch their own map apps in the near future. This means that there will be lots of similar job openings coming soon, as these companies will hire drivers for sure. All that you need is a valid driving license, and ability to use various cameras and broadcasting devices.

Work as a fashion photographer

If you feel that you have the ability to capture beauty and present it in the form of photographs, you can easily work as a fashion photographer. The basic requirements to become a photographer are- knowledge about maintenance of camera and other equipment, knowledge about lighting set up, ability to select appropriate background as per requirements, ability to work as a team with various artists, and knowledge about basic computer software like- Photoshop, coral draw, etc. You can get several chances to meet your favorite celebrity models, take their pictures and even spend some time with them.

Work as an archaeologist

Are you interested in history? Do you wish to visit various historically important sites from around the world and get paid for it? If the answer is yes, you should become an archaeologist. As an archaeologist, you should be able to study ancient civilizations, archaeological monuments, historic remains, etc. There are several job openings for archaeologists. In most cases, museums, government agencies, and universities hire archaeologists for teaching, researching, and site excavations. People prefer to hire someone who has completed undergraduate course or a graduation course with archaeology as a special.


OrangeHRM Year End Offers

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At OrangeHRM we continue to strive and create solutions to cater to your pain points in managing you day to day human resources.

We are pleased to introduce our Asset Tracker, Dash Board, an enhanced Audit Trail capturing all PIM changes, new Timesheet CSV Extractor and Org Charts add-ons.

These productivity tools can perform your organization’s day to day HR tasks efficiently and at ease.

This season, we offer you an exciting deal with OrangeHRM Add-ons & services, receive up to 30% off on all add-ons & services.

Speak to our agents to get more details or visit the OrangeHRM Market Place to make an order.

Hurry up this offer ends on the 24th of December 2012.

Contact for more details.


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