Open Source Roadmap

Enhanced Web Service

A Web Services API interface for developers to build integrations with OrangeHRM will be provided. Using a REST protocol you will be able to add, update and retrieve employee information. You can either have OrangeHRM as your central employee repository or communicate with other systems or you can have another employee repository such active directory and update OrangeHRM.

Expected Version & Release Date – 3.4, July 2015

OrangeHRM Open Source Releases

OrangeHRM 3.3

9th April, 2015

Web Services 

The OrangeHRM OS version now features a Web Services API interface for developers to build integrations with OrangeHRM. The API is a basic implementation with more features to be implemented in future releases.

Google + & Open ID Authentication

OrangeHRM users can connect your system to your Google Account or Open ID.

Corporate Directory & Mobile App

A corporate directory has been added to the product that displays employee contact information. The new version also comes with access to a mobile app for the corporate directory that is available on both iTunes and Google Play.

Many other performance fixes and improvements have been made to enhance your experience.

OrangeHRM 3.2

28th October 2014

This release includes a new performance module with options for a self-review, supervisor or manager reviews and a final admin approval. The review forms have been redesigned for better usability. A performance tracker has been introduced to allow managers and other stakeholders to keep track of employee feedback and other observations which may be positives or negatives.

A dashboard has been introduced as a home screen for all users. It features a quick launch panel, an employee distribution graph and a list which displays the pending leave requests.

OrangeHRM 3.1.2

28th May, 2014

Included some client-centered and security improvements. For this release, OrangeHRM's engineering team wanted to make sure that information data continues to meet the highest security compliance levels. One such improvement was to improve the password hash security by using bcrypt to generate the password hash.

Another improvement was to generate the csrf token used in symfony forms at install time and save it in hs_hr_config instead of having it as a fixed value in settings.yml This enables our members to create customized forms that better match up with standard payroll software and other applications when sharing and transmitting reports.

OrangeHRM 3.1.1

30th August, 2013

This release has a few bug fixes identified in version 3.1.

OrangeHRM 3.1

11th July 2013

Version 3.1 incorporates the ability to apply for half day or partial day leave for a single day or range of days. 3.1 also features the ability bility to specify work day start/end time for workshifts.

OrangeHRM 3.0

14th February 2013

OrangeHRM 3.0 is released with a completely re-engineered interface that meets the latest standards while focusing on usability improvements. 3.0 will enrich your experience with OrangeHRM while it can be now accessed via mobile and tablet PC browsers with ease.

OrangeHRM 2.7.1

12th October 2012

OrangeHRM 2.7.1 was an intermediate release with major performance improvements. The release ensured the stability of the system with up to 5000 concurrent users and employees.


25th December 2011

Several vulnerability issues which were present in the previous version were analyzed and fixed.

OrangeHRM 2.6.12

13th December 2011

The admin module was completely converted into the Symfony framework with many usability improvements. The Employee Termination feature was shifted from Employment Status to Job under the PIM module.


Deprecated Features

Company Properties, Membership Types & Ethnic Race were removed from the Admin module.


25th November, 2011

A few vulnerability issues which were identified in the earlier version were analyzed and fixed.

OrangeHRM 2.6.11

26th October 2011

Country-based settings such as date format configurability and language selection could be set up in OrangeHRM 2.6.11. A CSV data import tool was plugged into the PIM module to populate personal and contact details of employees into the system at ease.

OrangeHRM 2.6.10

14th of October 2011

This version features a re-engineered Reports module which was integrated with the PIM module, enabling customized PIM reports generation.

Deprecated Features

The reports module is no longer available as a single module.

OrangeHRM 2.6.9

07th of October 2011

OrangeHRM 2.6.9 was released with usability improvements and feature enhancements that were required to stabilize system, thus ensuring optimized use of OrangeHRM. Moreover, the minor defects which affected the smooth functioning of the system were identified and dealt with.

OrangeHRM 2.6.8

12th September 2011

A completely re-engineered Recruitment module was introduced in this version. Searching and short listing resumes were simplified by the introduction of the keyword tagging. A facebook plug-in has been introduced along with the open-source version free of charge. Resume archiving, parsing, email notifications, advanced reports and a plug-in to post job vacancies to other popular social media sites are available as advanced add-ons on the OrangeHRM Market Place.

Deprecated Features

The previous recruitment has been completely removed.

OrangeHRM 2.6.7

5th September 2011

The release features enhancements and usability improvements made to the Personnel Information Management module.


Deprecated Features

The ability to create timesheets for the past is no longer available. The weeks are now available on drop down.

OrangeHRM 2.6.6

19th August 2011

A few usability improvements identified on 2.6.5 were fixed on this release.

OrangeHRM 2.6.5

17th June 2011

2.6.5 Was released with a completely re-engineered PIM module. The look and feel of the PIM's profiles and the employee list were changed. A new set of search criterion was added to the employee list. A new configurable option for custom fields was given.

OrangeHRM 2.6.4

20th May 2011

The release features enhancements and usability improvements made to the Personnel Information Management module.

The following sections were addressed in this release.

  • "Work Experience", "Education", "Skills", "Languages" and "License" all under one screen called "Qualifications".
  • Photograph moved to the left side of PIM screens.
  • Custom fields per each PIM screen.
  • Attachments per each PIM screen.
OrangeHRM 2.6.3

6th April 2011

The incompatibility that was identified with PHP 5.2.10 in the previous release is fixed in 2.6.3.

OrangeHRM 2.6.2

29th March 2011

OrangeHRM 2.6.2 was released yesterday with some significant usability improvements to the personal information module.

Deprecated Features

The ability to create user groups for the PIM module was dropped in this release.A few fields from the PIM & the Tax Exemptions tab were removed, but an ability to switch on these fields were also given under a new option, PIM>>Configure. The fields are;Nick Name, Smoker and Military Service, SSN & SIN.

OrangeHRM 2.6.1

23rd February 2011

This version is the 1st step towards fine-tuning OrangeHRM. In this release, we have made some exciting changes which will deliver a striking experience to the end user.


Defining a leave period

The system now allows you to define a company's leave year, this can be from 1st January to 31st December or 1st April to 31st March or any other selection. Once a leave period is defined the leave summary will display details within your leave period.


Enhanced Leave Summary

Filter your leave summary by Employee, Location, Leave Type, Job Title and Sub Unit while you can select the No. of Records per Page. Compared to previous versions we have done some theme improvements to give a much crisper look to the interface.


Enhanced Leave List

Along with more search options and a crisper UI the leave list features an extendable text area where comments can be entered. Earlier only a small text box was available. This will allow users to enter better descriptions of the leaves while making it easier to read.


Advanced Leave Notifications

Leave notifications sent to when leaves are applied, approved, rejected or cancelled are now more meaningful and allows you to track actions performed by users. Eg. When a user applies for leave the approval mail will now contain the name of the approver and the comments, if any.

OrangeHRM 2.6

18th October 2010

The performance module was 1st introduced into OrangeHRM in this release. The release incorporates many security enhancements and fixes. With this new version we hope to tap the doors of many companies who want to have a complete HR solution in one place and in one piece.

OrangeHRM 2.5

18th October 2010

The performance module was 1st introduced into OrangeHRM in this release. The release incorporates many security enhancements and fixes. With this new version, we hope to tap the doors of many companies who want to have a complete HR solution in one place and in one piece.

  • New look and feel: With community collaboration, we have created a new look and feel for version 2.5. We have taken into consideration key usability issues from the previous version. For an example in the PIM module, you can display up to 100 users (up from 10 in the previous version). Software ergonomics, human factors science and design considerations were used to ensure usability and consistency throughout the application.
  • Separation of the project time tracking and attendance: With the new release, administrators can track employees' attendance (Punch In/Out) and create reports separately. Project time tracking can be done with the new grid view that allows users to enter time spent on project activities for the week.
  • The Recruitment engine is better equipped with new features including the ability to attach resumes and expand or collapse the Job description Over 150 issues were fixed and the system is much more stable than the previous version.
  • Implementation of Advanced security measures: Cross-site scripting (XSS) security vulnerabilities that were discovered by our global community members have been fixed.
  • The performance of the application has been increased by optimization of the database and refactoring of the code base.
OrangeHRM 2.4.2

7th May 2009

For the ease of users, when installing OrangeHRM, its installer creates the required MySQL database. For this OrangeHRM requires MySQL root details. But you don't get MySQL root details from shared web hosts. So, if you wanted to install OrangeHRM in your shared web hosting account, you have to install it manually which can be a tedious task if you are not tech savvy.

  • We had got many requests regarding this issue and we addressed it in version 2.4.2. Now you can use an already created empty MySQL database at OrangeHRM installer. If you have MySQL root access, you can still let OrangeHRM create the database for you. We have provided a method to switch between these two methods where OrangeHRM installer asks database details.
  • In addition to this, we have made some security enhancements in 2.4.2. We have also added automated upgrades for version, 2.3, 2.4, and 2.4.1. You can download OrangeHRM 2.4.2 here and update instructions are available here. We hope OrangeHRM stable version 2.4.2 will bring you a stable and enhanced experience till we release much awaited version 2.5.
OrangeHRM 2.4.1

17th December 2008

The first stable version of OrangeHRM 2.4.1, which has an automated upgrader is now available to download from SourceForge.

OrangeHRM 2.4

5th December 2008

After months of testing, bug fixes, and seven beta releases, we have released OrangeHRM 2.4 as a stable release to SourceForge. This is the first stable OrangeHRM release with the Recruitment module.

This release includes the following bugs fixed since 2.4-beta.7:

  • 2067151 - Leave: Ess Apply leave, doesn't filter properly
  • 2040006 - Time: Approved timesheets can be edited
  • 2057167 - Leave: Entering for some text boxes, gives Stopper
  • 2041376 - 2.4b6:Benefits:ESSuser having(') in his name,cant submit req
  • 2037561 - TIME: It gives an incorrect report if the user add time event
  • 2059239 - Renaming Leave Type leads for incorrect displaying of data
  • 2023269 - [CRB] Leave list for a month not filtered properly
  • 2056846 - Admin: Entering ' for some text boxes, gives Stopper
OrangeHRM 2.3

23rd June 2008

The Benefit Module was implemented to manage the benefit-related tasks and especially the extensive Health Savings Plan (HSP). Therefore the following features are available in the newest version of the HRM System.

    • Define HSP
      • OrangeHRM has given a wider option for the organizations to select their Health Saving Plans out of the 6 options been specified. These can be listed as HSA, HRA, FSA, HSA+HRA, HSA+FSA, HRA+FSA. All these options are based on the level of contribution by the employee and the employer.
    • Employee HSP Summary
      • This lists out all the records of a particular employee with regards to his HSP. This lists out the annual limit, the employer and the employee contributions, the accrued amount and the current status of the HSP.
    • HSP Payments Due
      • This is the place where the HR admin can go and check the due HSP payments due for the employees.
    • HSP Expenditure
      • This displays all the used HSP payments as well as the due HSP payments of a particular employee.This list provides a clear idea of the current status of the overall HSP system in the organization.
    • HSP Request
      • This provides a request form for the employees to apply for the HSP in a particular year. Certain fields in this form are set inactive in the case of the ESS users and being made active for the HR admin only, when approving the HSP requests.
OrangeHRM 2.2.2

12th November 2007

The Benefit Module was implemented to manage the benefit-related tasks and especially the extensive Health Savings Plan (HSP). Therefore the following features are available in the newest version of the HRM System.

    • Employee attendance tracking
      • - Punch in/out time allows employees to enter the time of arrival to and departure from the workplace


        - Easy and hassle-free attendance tracking by incorporating the punch in/out times into employee timesheets
    • Enhanced timesheets
      • - Administrator's ability to define the start of the working week for the timesheets adds on the flexibility for the system


        - The detailed timesheet view ensures the easy access to all the timesheet information within a single button click


        - Filtering by certain criteria, preview, and printing of the timesheets
    • Project management
      • - The new role of Project administrator has been introduced, granting project administrators with the privileges to define and modify their project activities and monitor project reports 


        - The project reports for the certain time period display the functionality 


        - By specifying the project and the relevant activities, employees can register and track the working time. The project and employee reports appear to be a handy tool for the project administrators, who can now manage the allocation of the tasks and time, in regards with the past performance and occupancy of the employees.
    • Hourly based leave
      • - The leave management module has been re-engineered to provide more precise management of employee leave related operations in hours (the previous versions of the system allow day/half-day scaling). 


        - Administrators of the system can define working shifts, specifying the number of working hours per day assigning employees who are working according to this work shift.
OrangeHRM 2.2

18th July 2007

The new 2.2 version of the software, which is the result of communication and collaboration with OrangeHRM's fast-growing and knowledgeable open source community, has been enhanced by adding a Time and Attendance module.

Features of the new application involving administration and management of time sheets include:

    • Defining projects and customers
      • The ability of HR administrators to specify an organization's current projects and customers
    • Timesheets creation
      • A way for employees to easily create and modify timesheets, to specify time allocated to specific projects and customers
    • Timesheets administration and management
      • - Submission and cancellation of timesheets by employees
        - Modification of subordinate timesheets by supervisors and HR administrators to include new or edit existing time events
        - Rejection, approval and cancellation of timesheets by HR administrators
    • PIM module for Supervisors
      • OrangeHRM has improved the data access and security by providing separate PIM module for the Supervisors. From now on Supervisors can view and edit the personal information of their subordinates.
    • OrangeHRM in Danish, Spanish and Russian
      • The Danish, Spanish and Russian translation of OrangeHRM is already available. The system will be translated into other languages so that SMEs from all over the world could benefit from the solution in their native language. For those who would like to contribute - please, contact
OrangeHRM 2.1

20th March 2007

The new version contains major improvements and fixes in Personal Information Management, Leave Management, and Reporting modules.

The feature improvements in OrangeHRM 2.1 release include:

  • Ability to define employee ID (previously it was auto generated by the system);
  • Display more employee details in the employee list;
  • Ability to search employee list according to more criterion;
  • Application and assignment of leave, valid for a range of days;
  • Auto notification emails for supervisors and subordinates after performing leave operations;
  • Ability to view and modify leave summary information of all employees through one screen form;
  • More fields added to reports;
  • Full translation of OrangeHRM into Russian language.
OrangeHRM 2.0

23rd November 2006

OrangeHRM 2.0 was released with leave management.

The following features are available:

  • HR admin can define leave types and entitlements of leave for employees.
  • Employees can apply for leave.
  • Supervisors can approve/reject leave
  • Employees can view their leave summary
  • Supervisors can view leave the summary of employees who report to him/her.
  • HR Admin can view leave the summary of all employees.
OrangeHRM 1.2

11th October 2006

OrangeHRM version 1.2 has just been released. OrangeHRM is easy to install and easy to use free Open Source HRM System especially suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. The new version contains major improvements to the user-friendliness of the system. These improvements include:

Several structural enhancements and improved wording that have made the whole flow of the system more logical.

  • Improved user interface in the personal information module.
  • Removal of features and fields which were not found usable in their present form. Thereby, customizing and configuring the system to match your company can be done much faster and easier.
  • Improved Web installer for fast installation and setup on both Windows and Linux.
OrangeHRM 1.0

17th March 2006

OrangeHRM version 1.0 released with following features.


  • PIM (employee photograph/Report To)
  • ESS
  • Reports



  • Employee Information now contains Employee photograph Employee photograph could be added (not mandatory) when an employee is added in the Employee Information, and it can be changed to any other picture when editing is done in the employee information.
  • Report To can be used to define the 'report to' hierarchy of all employees (supervisors/subordinates) and type (direct/indirect); assigns supervisors/subordinates employees. On selecting an employee all the supervisors/subordinates assigned to that employee will be listed separately bottom of page. To add a new supervisor you simply select supervisor/subordinate, click the button for pop-up window to select the employee whom you are going to assign as supervisor/subordinate and reporting method: direct/indirect. To edit an existing supervisor/subordinate you simply click a supervisor/subordinate from the bottom lists and you can do the changes. To un-assign a supervisor/subordinate simply delete supervisor/subordinate from the relevant list


    Employee Self Service facilitates employees to edit their own personal data without the intervention of HR Department. However sensitive will not be editable using ESS and will only be displayed. If the logged on user is a not a HR Admin user he/she will be presented with this module with his/her employee information. Using ESS users can edit their personal data. (sensitive data like salary grade, corporate tile, etc. will remain read-only). Note: All users are now classified as normal users and HR Admin users. A user is taken as HR Admin if the HR Admin checkbox is selected in the user creation form under maintenance module. All other employees are considered as ordinary users.


Customized reports (Users will be able define report criteria, result fields), once the reports are defined they will be stored, and once the criteria data are given the report will be generated. The reports can only be generated by the users who belong to user groups that are allowed to view those report at the time of report definition.

Depending upon the user group of the currently logged on user if the user group has the ability to define reports, they will be given separate tab to define reports. When defining reports a set of reporting criteria as well as fields will be given to the user. Users can name the report, select the relevant search criteria, and required fields. After saving the reports the user will then be asked to assign user groups to the reports. Only users from the selected user groups will be able to view reports. You add and remove user-groups as necessary later by selecting reports and clicking on Assign User Groups to go to the Assign User Groups page.

To view report, select the report from the list after selecting View Reports. Depending upon the criteria defined for that report, you will be asked to enter criteria data required to generate report. To summarize the report you can de-select fields (only selected criteria and fields during report definition would appear in this form), and click Generate Report.


  • All Admin/PIM/Maintenance
  • All items newly created, having system generated codes, may not be stored with the same code displayed earlier.


  • User
    • Users will not be able to delete the user account they have used to login
    • Users are divided into HR Admin Users and Ordinary users. If the 'Is HR Admin' flag is selected, the all the modules (Admin, PIM, Reports, Maintenance, Bug Tracker will be available to them). However if the 'Is HR Admin' flag is not selected the user will only be given access to ESS module.
  • User-Groups
    • Admin User group cannot be deleted
    • Ability to define reports is given at time of User Group creation.