HR Performance Management Software | OrangeHRM

Retaining talent should be at the forefront of every organization. Your people are at the heart of what you do. In order to retain your talent, and grow your employee skills you need to be able to manage not only their performance, but their expectations. OrangeHRM isn’t just about filling out the standard performance forms, but giving consistent and real-time feedback. With OrangeHRM’s HR performance management software, you can provide peer to peer feedback, alongside performance reviews, and watch your people grow.

E-Signature for Performance Module

E-signatures integration allows electronic sign off during the performance appraisal process between the main evaluator and the employee. Once the appraisal process is complete and signed off, an email notification is sent to the employee asking for acknowledgment via e-signature. The ability of e-signatures as part of the performance appraisal ensures that employees have read and understood their appraisal, and these acknowledgments can then be tracked in the audit trail of the system for future referencing purposes.

Goal Setting

Keeping your workforce focused on your business objectives is fundamental for your success. OrangeHRM enables you to make sure they are well aligned and cascaded to the right individuals and supports managers and subordinates to easily track and review them.

Competencies Pools and Mapping

Build pools of competencies for your workforce based on the job roles and departments. Map them to the right reviewers and weight them for accurate assessments. This will allow you to drive performance and fill competency gaps.

360° Reviews and Workflows

Initiate standard and adhoc reviews as needed to review performance, goals and other feedback to ensure you accurately measure the value and impact of your employees for the organization. OrangeHRM allows you to setup appraisals with 360° feedback and give control to main evaluators to assess all reviews.