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Should Computers Take Over Your Hiring Cycle?

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As apps and SaaS offer greater service in the recruiting arena, is it time for humans to get out of the game?

A recent study from the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) suggests algorithms are better equipped to make hiring decisions that boost company retention rates.  The study involved a meta-analysis of 300,000 employment records from 15 different companies. About a third of the employees hired were assessed and hired based on online personality and skills testing.

Some fine points of the study include:

•    The study evaluated positions that are generally considered repetitive or lower skill jobs, such as employment in a call center, or grading standardized tests.
•    The retention rate for those chosen by computer was 15 percent higher than hires made by humans.
•    Hires made by humans were not significantly more or less productive than those made by computer.

One of the study authors, Dr. Mitchell Hoffman, notes, “It definitely suggests that more decision making powers should be given to the machine relative to the humans.”

Have recruiters and hiring managers become outdated?

Mind and machine—the best hiring combination

Algorithms used throughout the recruiting cycle are worth the cost.  #ProjectNova, the ATS solution from OrangeHRM, uses Watson technology to offer fine-grained candidate analysis and comparison.  From cultivating social media for candidate information, to prompting specific interview questions, Project Nova is a digital recruiting assistant.

But does a sophisticated ATS module dismiss the human factor?  The short answer is “no.”

Just as HR software created time and data efficiencies for HR, Project Nova and other ATS tools perform tasks that streamline and improve the recruiting process.  From populating niche job boards, to cultivating better data, Project Nova and similar tools give managers the edge in hiring the right talent for the job.

Despite such advantages, these products remain tools, not decision makers.
The NBER study evaluated lower level, high-turnover positions.  While software could be useful in these instances, it is not likely algorithms will become stand-alone hiring tools for recruiting the skilled, high-level talent essential for keeping your company competitive.

Retention rates are one piece of a more complex hiring puzzle. Homogeneous hiring decisions could be successful for a certain type of business, but less helpful for a dynamic company dependent on its creative and development teams for getting products and services to market.

Using improved social and recruiting technology tools means HR personnel can spend more time on strategy, and fine-tuning retention policies.  The best hiring combination utilizes both mind—and machine.

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Talent Analytics—What Do they Mean to You?

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As the competition for talent heats up, HR managers are looking for more sophisticated tools to help them hire the right people—and retain them.

Big data is moving into recruiting in a big way. When companies combine native data with analytic capabilities, or a well-honed analytic team, the benefits are tremendous.

How does data help?

Cognitive tools, like those available with IBM’s Watson, use linguistics to make inferences about the personality and social behaviors of a target candidate. Through this predictive analysis, HR managers gain insight about a candidate, and how a candidate compares to other applicants and current employees. Here is how it works:

  • Predictive tools use past and present data to make suggestions about the future.
  • Using information gleaned from sources like LinkedIn, Twitter feeds, blogs, email, or other social media, analytics are gathered and inferences are made.
  • With sufficient information, analytics are displayed in a graph, offering you a rich, projective, characterological portrait at a glance.
  • Using predictive analytics, managers have a tool to match not just for skills—but for qualities that spell the difference between the right—or wrong—hire.

The analysis of candidate and talent data offers a wealth of information. According to the Harvard Business Review (HBR), some key benefits of talent analytics include:

  • Insight into important hiring factors: Although many employers believe educational background is a key predictor of success, some analyses suggest initiative, or other qualities, could be better differentiators. While the talent demands of each business are unique, the key attribute needed for success in a particular position may not reveal itself until a data model of currently successful employees is created for comparison.
  • Pricing with job banks: Analytics give you previously hidden information about referral points during the recruiting cycle. If analysis shows you are getting relatively poor, or unsuccessful candidates, from a particular service, use your information to negotiate lower prices or improve service.
  • Engagement, engagement, engagement: High levels of employee engagement lead to better retention of talent, lower recruiting costs, and increased customer and client satisfaction. Using intelligent tools, you can discover where to recruit the best talent, focus points, and how to challenge your human capital after on-boarding.

From perspective analysis that offers you insight before hire, to metrics that help you adjust HR practices on the go, talent analytics are becoming go-to methods for managers invested in hiring for human, and business, success.

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Sneak Peek: Applicant Tracking System from OrangeHRM

Posted in General  by Shaun Bradley 3 Comments

Across industry and enterprise, applicant tracking systems (ATS) help hiring managers and recruiters attract, manage, and hire desirable talent. To streamline the process, reduce costs, and enable you to hire the right person for the job, OrangeHRM is rolling out an ATS system what is code named #ProjectNOVA.

For businesses and candidates, ATS play an important role in the recruitment cycle. As we talked about earlier, a well-designed ATS offers integrated mobile service to all parties. #PojectNOVA offers this—and more.

From job board integration and personality metrics, to interview support and mobile access, #ProjectNOVA has it all. Consider these highlights:

Job board coverage: Integrated with eQuest, a global job posting distribution service, #ProjectNOVA ensures your job posting is available to the right talent target pool. Using #ProjectNOVA, your job opening is available to prospective employees across the country—or around the world—quickly and securely.

Mobile: Mobility means your candidates see your job posting, and interact seamlessly with you—regardless of location. View vacancy and candidate lists, profiles, and analytics on your mobile device or use the interview assistant to compare candidates and conduct a mobile interview.

Web comparison: Integrated with LinkedIn, #ProjectNOVA gathers and displays evaluative information in side-by-side candidate comparisons as your recruitment effort narrows. Interview and other scores are analyzed to help you understand fit and alignment between candidates and your current workforce. Based on captured information, #ProjectNOVA scores candidates for success in your company ecosystem.

Interview assistant: Offering analytic and interviewing support throughout the hiring process, the interview assistant tracks candidate scores, prompts you with interview questions, registers your notes, and tabulates scoring.

Analytics: NOVA has strong applicant tracking and parsing capabilities. Using IBM Watson technology, NOVA creates a personality profile with information collected from Twitter. NOVA seeks patterns, make associations, and offers insight. You gain at-a-glance understanding, through spider web graphing, of basic personality attributes like needs, social behavior, values, or agreeability. At any step in the hiring process, NOVA can create profile comparisons between candidates, or between candidates and existing personnel.

Save time, money, improve your candidate experience—and hire the right employee for your company—with NOVA, the new ATS from OrangeHRM.

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How HR Personnel Can Benefit from OrangeHRM’s Recruitment/Applicant Tracking Module

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How much time does your organization’s hiring manager or HR manager spend on recruiting the most qualified employee for the available job vacancy at your organization? Does your company’s budget annually allocate thousands of dollars on newspaper advertisements and other media advertisements to publicize immediate job vacancies? Most importantly, does the current hiring process bring the ideal candidate for the job vacancy?

The first step of recruiting is to determine your ideal recruiting target. Identifying the common places of qualified prospects & their job acceptance criteria is key. Failure to identify these, results in recruiting less qualified individuals.

Having completed the first step of your recruitment process, the next most critical task is to screen applicants. Sorting candidates based on their qualifications precisely is a crucial task carried out by HR Personnel. Missing out one qualified applicant may mean the loss of recruiting efforts for the ultimate goal. Also, within the many applications maybe candidates who are eligible for another job vacancy. Such candidate applications need to be preserved to be picked out when the relevant job vacancy is available. This saves time and effort, consumed on the first few steps of the recruitment process for every new job vacancy.

Once the applicants have been shortlisted, the next challenging issue for HR administrators is to schedule interviews and assign hiring managers to all the candidates.

Almost all of these steps in the recruitment process are performed by HR Personnel manually.

OrangeHRM’s Applicant Tracking/ Recruitment module gives a comprehensive solution for the entire recruitment process from publicizing your company’s job vacancies to hiring employees.

Today, popular social media sites have taken its place in the recruitment process. Through OrangeHRM’s recruitment/applicant tracking module, HR administrators may recruit candidates via popular social media networks such as Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter. You may also post job vacancies to an RSS Feed in your website. This not only brings out applicants who are hunting for jobs, but also individuals who have expertise in the relevant job role. Your job vacancies can be posted targeting the desired candidates, thus saving much of the effort put in by HR Personnel on short listing candidates.

The OrangeHRM recruitment/applicant tracking module comes with a candidate/applicant archiving database, enabling HR Personnel to archive applicants who have applied for different job vacancies. Suppose your company is currently recruiting software engineers. Once the appropriate individuals have been hired, the job vacancy will be closed.  But the hundreds of applications received will remain in the system even when recruiting employees for a different job vacancy. Hiring managers will have to painstakingly sort the applications. As a solution, the resume archiving plug-in lets you archive unwanted candidate records, while leaving only the required records in the system. These archived applicants will be stored in the database for future use.

Keyword tagging is another useful tool which can be made use of during the applicant/candidate screening task. This allows HR Personnel to tag keywords in a candidate’s record, which adds weight to the resume. The hiring manager can search for all the resumes with the relevant keyword. Moreover, the candidate’s resume can be downloaded from the search results itself. OrangeHRM’s resume parsing tool is highly advanced search option which allows data mining, where the user can search for information within an attached resume.

It is important to track the changes made to a candidate’s vital information, thus the candidate history feature gives a detailed view of all the changes made to a particular candidate record within the system.

Bringing recruitment to a new level in HR Management, OrangeHRM introduces Virtual Interviews which allows HR administrators & hiring managers to schedule online video interviews with candidates. The benefits brought to a company through virtual interviews are numerous. Virtual Interviews saves time spent on the hiring process and also reduces cost of hire.

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