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OHRMCon: Future Challenges for Leadership and HR

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Future vision is essential to address todays’ rapidly changing world.  For this series, we have had the opportunity to speak at length with Lee Congdon, Chief Information Officer at Red Hat, and an upcoming speaker at OHRM Con, in New York in October.

The only current certainties are technological and market flux. Mr. Congdon offered his thoughts on the challenges ahead for IT, enterprise, and HR leadership.

Toward transparency—what’s ahead for IT

Earlier Mr. Congdon talked about the alignment of enterprise leadership , culture, and incentives to move people and processes in the right direction.  What direction? Toward an agile, flexible, business ecosystem able to rapidly respond to business and market opportunities.

When an IT organization is able to serve its constituent domains, what is next? Mr. Congdon suggests development of technology-driven leadership opportunities for the enterprise including:

  • Pushing into new technologies
  • Leadership in Clouds
  • Providing better data and analytic capabilities for the organization
  • Offering better collaborative opportunities
  • Embracing consumer tools for the organization

As noted earlier, in the push to be more effective, agile, and collaborative, IT organizations need to better speak the language of their business partners—plus get the right people to lead the business.  Part of that enhanced role for IT includes:

  • Recognizing new business and revenue opportunities
  • Building and gaining the trust and confidence of business partners as an internal consultant
  • Delivering solutions and collaboratively participating across the enterprise

Two-speed IT transition?

Along with the need for speed  comes the need for a competitive model for IT.  Grappling with demand from business units to identify and embrace new capabilities, leverage mobile engagement, cut costs, define new revenue sources and so on, IT must transition from slow and stable to fast and flexible.  In addition to the open organization , bimodal or two-speed IT is proposed as a dual service IT context.  The model retains some traditional IT processes and services, while allowing organizations to make the jump to digital speed, development, agility, and delivery.

Remarks Congdon, “I am not really a believer in what is being called bimodal or two-speed IT.  I think it may be a useful transition for some organizations.  You can’t necessarily get the entire organization to pivot immediately, but I think the expectation for the people in the organization, for the culture, needs to be yes we are in this together, [and] yes we all need to work in the same direction.”

HR Challenge: Find and retain the right talent

When asked about the key future issue for HR management, Mr. Congdon was unequivocal—“global war for talent.” Expanding on that, Congdon noted the challenges ahead in building and maintaining a creative, responsive workforce:

  • Finding the right people and getting them on board
  • Managing the long-term pipeline of skills
  • Giving people a voice in the organization
  • Creating a mission, and investing talent in the mission
  • Developing a default culture of transparency where people see information, and see decision making occur
  • Offering rewards and incentives, monetary and otherwise, aligned with expectations

Talking about OrangeHRM and open source HR technology, Mr. Congdon notes “…open source enables [key transitions] to occur across enterprises and creates the opportunity and the challenge for collaboration, partnering, [and] competition in a[n] open and more transparent environment.”

Stepping out of the open organization context to discuss the current state of traditional business models, Congdon commented, “…[M]any traditional firms in the technology industry that classically held their intellectual property very close and were very reluctant to participate in open source are in fact increasingly announcing open source initiatives. Whether it be Microsoft, Apple or others,…I think that is a fascinating trend that may be relevant to this conversation as well.”

Hear more from Mr. Congdon at OHRMCon in October. Network, learn and share best practices as you discuss the challenges facing the Open community, open organizations and innovations in open source HR technology. See you in October!

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October 2015: OHRM Con in New York!

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In October 2015, OrangeHRM brings OHRM Con to New York City. At the world’s first open source human resources software conference, you can network, learn, and share ideas with thought leaders and colleagues in the open source HR community.

Located in the cultural crossroads of the Big Apple, OHRM Con takes place on October 1-2, 2015 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel just a block from New York’s Time Square.

Industry experts and key influencers make up plenary and session speakers for OHRM Con. Select presenters include:

  • · David Axmark: Co-founder of MySQL and advisor to MariaDB, Mr. Axmark is an open source and dual licensing specialist.
  • · Lee Congdon: Chief Information Officer at Red Hat, Mr. Congdon is an IT visionary with more than 25 years of experience in solutions delivery, knowledge management, and process improvement.
  • · Dr. Richard Johnson: As Department Chair at the University of Albany, Dr. Johnson pursues a research focus on Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS), e-learning, and the sociological impacts of technology on culture.

Five Great Reasons to Make OHRM Con Your HR Tech Conference This Year

OHRM Con offers the right balance of expertise and education against the backdrop of an exciting world-class cityscape. Here are five great reasons to attend OHRM Con this year:

  1. This state-of-the-industry conference explores the developing edge of open source, and its place in the HR field. Talk to experts and hear how to best support your HR space
  2. Workshop, plenary speech, and panel forums give you ample opportunity to network with other professionals and learn tech and process solutions.
  3. Take advantage of training opportunities with OrangeHRM to optimize your system use and improve your ROI. Launching at OHRM Con, the new OrangeHRM Applicant Tracking Module is free to conference attendees.
  4. Learn best practices you can apply to your own HR setting in a dynamic but collegial conference setting.
  5. Take time to enjoy the New York Film Festival, Oktoberfest, and the Literary and Arts Festival in New York City.

Be part of the first open source HR conference. Register by July 31, 2015 for savings on the workshop and conference fee. New York City and OHRM Con—the place to be in October 2015!

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