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Dynamic Planet: HR Mobile Apps

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As the world goes mobile, HR functions are poised to go with it.

In the United States, searches on mobile devices outnumber those from laptops and PC’s. According to a 2014 study on the use of mobile HR apps, 37 percent of registered mobile users access pay information on their devices. While frequently browsing their devices, usage data indicates employees do not stay long on an HR app—taking only long enough to obtain the needed information before logging off.

Expanding HR functions and functionality into mobile space means apps that aim at targets such as the following:

Organizational coherence: Checking in while away from the office is a prime attraction and critical need for workers who do not have regular access to a computer during their workday. In addition to benefits, pay, and holiday functions, new mobile HR apps connect working peers for problem solving, teamwork, and organizational communication. HR and other apps can become a prime tool for real time exchange, shifting decision dynamics among employees and managers in an interesting way.

Engagement: Employee engagement is critical to productivity and talent retention. While mobile apps will probably not replace periodic employee satisfaction surveys, they can be used as a partner strategy. Mobile HR apps take the pulse of workforce sectors, speed the deployment of information or training, and keep engagement levels high through frequent touch communication within an office, or a global enterprise.

Compliance: Well-designed HR solutions reduce errors while saving both budget and human time. Compliance errors in record keeping, licensing, and training are costly. Mobile apps extend the function of your modular HR environment and enable you to log and track employee information.

Fluid HR management: Migration of HR function from the desktop to a mobile environment gives HR managers an untethered ability to recruit, manage, and communicate with onsite and remote employees and achieve business goals. Enhanced recruiting capabilities on mobile apps enable managers to access relevant job boards worldwide and use personality metrics to make side-by-side, on-the-fly comparisons between candidates and current employees. Location awareness could be used to develop alerts, or other capabilities, for traveling or local employers.

As individuals embrace mobile HR tech, they look for ease of use and convenience. Take advantage of this dynamic shift to increase HR efficiency, accuracy, and employee engagement.

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Language Packs for OrangeHRM 2.7

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OrangeHRM has recently launched its very new OrangeHRM 2.7  that is packed with new exciting features such as date format localization, enable/disable module display and complete language localization.

Our community members have contributed language packs for Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia, Bulgarian, Oromo, Spanish, Danish and Thai.

OrangeHRM wish to thank Mesfin Hunde for helping us create the Oromo language pack, Titus Permadi our partner in Indonesia for his support in creating the Bahasa Indonesia language pack,  Svetoslav Stefanov for their warm assistance in creating the Bulgarian language pack, Qi Feng for their guidance in creating the Chinese language pack, Fabian Perez for making the Spanish language pack(Argentina)  possible, Omar Rodriguez and Daniel Varela for their cooperation and teamwork in creating the Spanish pack(Spain) and last but not the least we wish to thank  VHC Advance our partner in Thailand in creating the Thai language pack.

We invite members from other countries to join our community and create language packs to help us localise OrangeHRM.

Download Language Packs For 2.7

Register to create a language pack

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