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Attendance Tracking is now available in OrangeHRM 2.5-alpha.8

Posted in Product Releases  by Himath 2 Comments

OrangeHRM 2.5-alpha.8 development release is now available. The punch in/out feature which was combined with timesheets, is now separately available as “Attendance Tracking” with a new attendance report. Take a peek at this new behavior.

Download OrangeHRM 2.5-alpha.8 from here.


New user interface in Admin and Leave modules further stabilized

Posted in Product Releases  by Himath 7 Comments

OrangeHRM 2.5-alpha.5 development release is now available with more user interface bug fixes in Admin and Leave modules.

Click here to download OrangeHRM 2.5-alpha.5



What do you like to see in the new “Performance Review” module?

Posted in Product Releases  by Himath 2 Comments

Of all requests for new features in OrangeHRM, 46.4% have been for an Employee Performance Review module. Now we have started the requirements phase of this long awaited module. You can also help us define this module by telling us what you would like to see in OrangeHRM Performance Review module by spending a few minutes to take the following survey.

Click here to take survey.



Job description in vacancy page can now expand and collapse

Posted in Product Releases  by Himath 1 Comment

In an attempt to improve the usability of OrangeHRM, we have made it possible to expand and collapse the job description in a vacancy. This improvement is available in OrangeHRM-2.5-alpha.3 development release.

The full list of changes in OrangeHRM-2.5-alpha.3:

New Features
(1) Expand/Collapse feature in job descriptions at jobs.php (1941287 - On the job vacancies web page job desc. expand and collapse)
(2) Replacing capability in attached resumes.

Bug Fixes
(1) 2047767 - Code is not able to detect Innodb support

    Download OrangeHRM-2.5-alpha.3 from here.


    OrangeHRM 2.5-alpha.2 is out with ability to attach resume with job application

    Posted in Product Releases  by Himath 3 Comments

    OrangeHRM 2.5-alpha.2 development release is now available to download from SourceForge.

    The following enhancements are there in this release:
    (1) Ability to upload a resume with a job application
    (2) IE7 Compatibility related bug fixes
    (3) Other UI fixes to conform to new UI look

    Download OrangeHRM 2.5-alpha.2 from here.


    The new look OrangeHRM is out !!

    Posted in Product Releases  by Himath No Comments

    OrangeHRM has released the first alpha version of the much awaited OrangeHRM 2.5, which has the new look user interface.

    The user interface was designed with the intentions of making the product look more professional and making it more user friendly.

    Download OrangeHRM 2.5-alpha.1 from here.

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    OrangeHRM 2.4.1 is now available as a stable release

    Posted in Product Releases  by Himath No Comments

    The first stable version of OrangeHRM 2.4.1, which has an automated upgrader is now available to download from SourceForge.

    Download OrangeHRM 2.4.1 from here.

    Click here to see the release notes.

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    The next chapters of OrangeHRM

    Posted in Product Releases  by Himath No Comments

    A number of users of OrangeHRM have asked us what’s next in OrangeHRM. This post is an attempt to give you an overview of what’s being developed now.

    OrangeHRM 2.4.1 - The main feature is an automated upgrader. The beta releases are already out. We will soon be able to make a 2.4.1 stable release.

    OrangeHRM 2.5 - Development has started. An early release will be available in January 2009. The main features are:
    (1) New look of OrangeHRM. Improved look and feel of the OrangeHRM user inteface based on community feedback.
    (2) Separation of Project Time and Punch In/Out features.
    (3) Ability to attach a resume with a job application by an applicant.

    Performance Evaluation Module - Requirements gathering is in progress. If you have any suggestions about what features this module should include, please send your suggestions to The target for implementation is Q2, 2009.



    OrangeHRM Upgrader

    Posted in Development, Product Releases  by Himath 6 Comments

    We’re happy to announce that a web based upgrader has been added to OrangeHRM 2.4.1 which upgrades your previous stable version of OrangeHRM to OrangeHRM 2.4.1. This was done in response to numerous requests we received from the user community in our forum and through email.

    The upgrader can upgrade OrangeHRM versions, 2.3, and 2.4 to the latest OrangeHRM version 2.4.1.

    This is now available as a beta release from Sourceforge.

    Click here to download OrangeHRM 2.4.1 with the upgrader.

    Click here to view the upgrade instructions.

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    OrangeHRM 2.4 stable version released to SourceForge

    Posted in Product Releases  by Himath 1 Comment

    After months of testing, bug fixes, and seven beta releases, we have released OrangeHRM 2.4 as a stable release to SourceForge. This is the first stable OrangeHRM release with the Recruitment module.

    This release includes the following bugs fixed since 2.4-beta.7:

    2067151 - Leave:Ess Apply leave,doesnt filter properly
    2040006 - Time: Approved timesheets can be edited
    2057167 - Leave:Entering for some text boxes, gives Stoper
    2041376 - 2.4b6:Benefits:ESSuser having(’) in his name,cant submit req
    2037561 - TIME:It gives an incorrect report if the user add time event
    2059239 - Renaming Leave Type leads for incorrect displaying of data
    2023269 - [CRB] Leave list for a month not filtered properly
    2056846 - Admin: Entering ‘ for some text boxes, gives Stoper

    Click here to download OrangeHRM 2.4



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