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Happy employees = Happy clients = Successful organization

Why does it matter if your employees are happy?

Before even thinking about your clients who generate revenue for your organization, your first client is your employee. Employees when feel valued, are your biggest asset. They are the face of your business, the individuals that sell your product or service, and are the voice that can either make or break a deal. But how do you ensure they are happy? Monetary rewards are sometimes not enough. Having an HR Management solution in place that tracks employees progress, feedback and encourages employee engagement is a must if you wish to ensure your employees keep those smiles on their faces :)

Happy employees mean:

Loyalty to the business – promoting a positive working environment will follow through when dealing with prospects and clients. They are more likely to want to work with you if your employees portray a positive attitude towards the business and what they are selling.

Talent retention - talent is the most sought-after asset, and in an ever-increasing competitive market, organizations struggle to not only attract talent but keep them. By keeping your employees happy, will ultimately mean retaining that much needed talent your business needs to survive – leading to…

Profit and reaching business objectives – if you have a talented happy workforce, innovative ideas will exude especially in a positive working environment. If your employees are disengaged, or feel undervalued, creativity and motivation will lack – affecting business profit and reaching those much important business objectives.

How to do this?

Offer consistent and continual feedback – all employees need feedback, constructive and continual comments on their projects. Using trackers or feedback tools within your HR solution provides employees the chance to continually feedback on other colleagues work, and these can be viewed at any point – and are especially useful when it comes to  the performance review. Not only this, but receiving positive feedback on work can lead to…

Motivation – employees need to know they have room to grow. They need the reassurance that if they want to progress, there is a plan in place for this to happen and you value them as an individual employee. Offering a career pathway for each of your employees offers a roadmap of where their career can lead to. Having a goal to achieve within a job role such as a client project is short term, but having longer term goals within a business in regard to personal development will motivate your employees to work harder, and help business grow.

Employee engagement – make them feel valued – Did you know that most employees leave their workplace because of their managers? Most employees stay due to their relationships they have with their colleagues. Offering a forum where employees can engage with each other regularly about work, but also personal achievements allows employees to grow relationships with colleagues they may not deal with daily, or in a global company, may have never met. For example: within OrangeHRM, there is a ‘Buzz’ community within the OrangeHRM system– where employees share photos, successful projects, videos and even #throwbackthursday.

Although this blog is only a snapshot of why happy employees make a happy business, there are many ways organizations can achieve this. If you’re interested to find out more about how OrangeHRM’s solution can encourage employee engagement and overall workforce happiness, we would love to speak to you, get in contact with us today here! Or if you have other ideas on how you manage positivity within your organization, please comment below.

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5 Ways to Choose the Best HRM for Your Organization

Your people are the most important asset, therefore it only makes sense that your organization will want to choose the best human resource management (HRM) system. But with so many choices and options out there, it can be difficult to pinpoint what features your business needs to succeed. A good HRM will give the human capital management team information and metrics needed at a glance in order to make better business decisions.

Selecting an HRM comes down to understanding the key factors and benefits that will provide the most value to your company HR functions. Here are five ways to evaluate a new HRM product so that the business gets a solid return on investment from day one.

#1 – Simple to Use Dashboard

Any HRM worth the effort will have a central dashboard that features critical human resource management information immediately upon login. This can be configured to meet the needs of the administrator who is using the HRM. Meaningful lists, charts, and links to the areas that deal with employee records, time and attendance, leave requests, recruitment and training, and more should be displayed within an intuitive framework.

#2 – Ease of Reporting

Human resource personnel are often tasked with reporting on important employment related issues. This means they will have to be able to pull a variety of reports on everything from recruitment to terminations. An easy reporting system that allows users to import and export information in common document formats is a key factor to look for in the best HRM.

#3 – Ongoing Product Updates

Just as human resources changes continually, so too should an HRM be maintained with the latest updates to employment related processes. Look for an HRM software that has frequent updates and improvements. These are the signs of a software company that listens to what its clients want and need on a regular basis, plus has a skilled development team to keep things running smoothly.

#4 – Live Knowledgeable Support

If there is ever a product issue, the one factor you will need the most is live technical support from a knowledgeable team. There is nothing more frustrating for an HR department than not having access to an HRM that stores employee data due to a software or web error. Before selecting your HRM solution, pick up the phone and ask support related questions to evaluate how responsive a company is.

#5 – Try Before You Buy

Because of all the features that an HRM has, it can be an expensive purchase for any company. However, a good HRM provider will offer an Open Source option that you can try before you buy any customization. While there are free trials of some products, you can get locked into costly features you do not want to use in the future.

As you start researching HRM systems for the business, why not get in touch with OrangeHRM to find out about our Open Source, Enterprise and Professional options?


OrangeHRM 2.6.1 Release Candidate Deployed

The OrangeHRM engineering team has made available a looming new version. The release serves as a trial-candidate before 2.6.1 is released on 20th January 2011.

It’s a reticent improvement that personifies OrangeHRM’s effort to boost the frequency the open-source  HRIS is developed.The new version was targeted at enhancing the usability of the leave module with some fine tuning touches and feature additions, the most commonly used feature around the world. This release is set to be tested out by over 2000 members around the world and more than 10,000 production users will be using the new version when it is released later this month.

Options to define company leave periods, an enhanced leave summary and leave list and improved leave notifications are some of the highlights in the release.
As always OrangeHRM never fails to reward the efforts and commitment of the community to build a classy HRIS, this season OrangeHRM will select the best feedback and reward it with a 10 user OrangeHRM Live instance for one year. We urge our users to write their ideas, thoughts and improvements to

Speaking to OrangeHRM Co-Founder and CEO Sujee Saparamadu, he said, “Our aspiration is to deliver a highly usable product to our end users; our community’s call to increase the usability of the leave module has been answered with this release. We will continue to enhance usability while adding new elements to the system and give the users a striking experience.”

Try it out today and give us feedback and be part of a grand open source community.

What’s New In 2.6.1?

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The Blazing Trail of OrangeHRM Live

The more your business matures and flourishes the more challenges it is going to face. People management is by far one of the earliest challenges you will face.
In order to keep up with the demands of this growing and evolving workforce, your company’s Human Resource executives need to be equipped with useful and efficient tools to assist in streamlining the constant flow of information and help them do their jobs. Even the best administrators can only do so much; and when a business needs to surpass the HR management’s ability to fulfill them, the company will find itself operating inefficiently and below its potential. OrangeHRM was designed as a solution to this disparity: Human Resource Information Software, or OrangeHRM Live, a system which amplifies the capabilities of your executives by automating many of their basic tasks and thus allowing them to focus on more specialized work.

Looking Back at OrangeHRM Live

OrangeHRM Live, the Software as a service (SaaS) version of the world famous Open-Source (Free) HR Software,” OrangeHRM” has simplified many HR functions with it’s cost effective pay as you go model, which was launched in July 2010.
OrangeHRM Live deals with a business’s most valuable asset, the employees. HR’s ability to make crucial decisions that relies on the availability and accuracy of the relevant employee data.
OrangeHRM Live fuels a vast database that is well-organized and easily accessible to all who needs it. Information is secure and readily available the moment it is needed. All-in-all, OrangeHRM Live cuts out the need for delay and uncertainty, and assists executives in making swift and confident company decisions.
After the launch of OrangeHRM Live there have been over 700 instances deployed, and in this situation numbers can speak for it’s self.

Enhancements in OrangeHRM Live

OrangeHRM Live was launched with a flare, the system contains a set of modules and features that any HR Manager would like to have.
OrangeHRM Live includes;

  • Administration
  • Personal Information Management
  • Employee Self Service
  • Leave Management
  • Time and Attendance Management
  • Performance Management
  • Recruitment Management

Since the launch, OrangeHRM Live has been enriched with many new modules and features;
OrangeHRM Live has become one of the most sought after SaaS or HR Software’s in the SME sector. A significant advantage of using OrangeHRM over all other HR software’s would be the fact that new features added to the system are available for use at no extra cost. The OrangeHRM development team is constantly developing new tools which will plugged into live when they are ready.

The Future of OrangeHRM Live

In the near future all HR Personal can look forward to a brand new feature been implemented in to OrangeHRM Live. The worst nightmare of any HR person would be to calculate leave accruals and carry forwards every year, month, week or day. The OrangeHRM Live Leave Accrual Engine will solve this. Many customers have reuested for customizations to suit their leave management system which is developed using the leave accrual engine as a base. With more features and enhancements to be made, OrangeHRM Live hopes to deliver a prosperous HRIS to its users in 2011.

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Rewarding OrangeHRM Contributors

Posted in Community Collaboration, General  by Shaun Bradley 1 Comment

OrangeHRM has been continuously receiving lots of support from its community members around the world. Students from PUCIT & SERC, Age De Gong from Netherlands with the Dutch language pack, Titus Permadi from Indonesia with various training material and our latest contributors are Alexander Blaine from Brazil who has developed a Brazilian – Portuguese language pack while Rashid from Azerbajan with developed the Azeri language pack.

We have decided to reward these contributors for the interest and commitment towards open source products and OrangeHRM. We will reward them with selected OrangeHRM add-ons for their contributions.


Alexander Blaine
Formosa, Brazil

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OrangeHRM, more secure than ever

In our endeavor to make OrangeHRM a highly secure enterprise application, we’ll soon be releasing a patch ( for the latest stable version of OrangeHRM, with a few security improvements. We’re thankful to our community and various organizations that continue to test OrangeHRM and bring existing issues to our attention. We’re committed to fix these issues as soon as possible, and continue to improve the level of security in OrangeHRM.

The following bugs have been reported, and our development team is now fixing them:

  • 3003346     Potential SQL injection vulnerability with ess login
  • 3001611     Ess module is vulenerable to xss
  • 3003358     Possible CSRF and PHP code injection
  • 3003361     Not sanitized ajax reponses leads to XSS vulnerability
  • 3000555     Sanitize the input data in jobs.php

We will soon make the fixes available with OrangeHRM

In addition to security testing performed by external organizations, we’ve internally formed a security testing team, who will continue to test each new version of OrangeHRM thoroughly for possible security flaws.

We’ll be posting updates about our progress on this blog.



MySQL Co-Founder and Ex-EVP Invests in OrangeHRM

Posted in Community Collaboration, General  by Shaun Bradley 1 Comment

2010 for OrangeHRM took off with the release of 2.6 and the performance module. Adding icing to the cake MySQL Co-Founder David Axmark and one of MySQL’s former EVP’s Larry Stefonic have shown their confidence in OrangeHRM by empowering OrangeHRM.

We are proud and immensely joyful, we welcome the two pioneers in the open source industry who can show us and guide OrangeHRM in its quest of becoming “The World’s Most Popular HR System”.

We hope to build market focus while continuously developing and enhancing OrangeHRM allowing us and the users to reach greater heights.

David and Larry

Read Press Release


The Performance Module

A performance evaluation is a stressful time for a manager. With the OrangeHRM performance module we make performance evaluation a walk through the park. While ensuring accurate reviews this new module will save a great deal of money and time.

Although this module was not introduced to OrangeHRM earlier many organizations around the world like DUKE NUS - Singapore, The ORS Group - Australia and CIM Technologies - USA use performance modules designed by OrangeHRM to suit each of these companies requirements.

This module will be released with the next stable version OrangeHRM 2.6. Development teams at OrangeHRM are working hard to release 2.6 by the end of March 2010.

A beta version will be released during the first week of March 2010.

Screen Shots


Meeting Module from PUCIT

PUCIT Lahore is a set of Pakistani contributors. They have proposed a Meeting Module for OrangeHRM. Requirements spec and UI spec are already posted in OrangeHRM Community Contributions forum for community feedback.

This will initially be developed as a third party module (means you have to separately download it and integrate) but if more users demand it, we would think about adding it to core product. Please take some time to review the specs and give the feedback to make their attempt a success.


Proposed Leave Module Enhancements

Posted in Community Collaboration  by Himath 2 Comments

We’re considering some enhancements to the OrangeHRM Leave Module to make it more user-friendly and more useful for large organizations. Please have a look and share your thoughts with us.

Leave Accrual

We have received many requests to have automatic leave accrual based on rules, in addition to the manual allocation of leave OrangeHRM has now. The challenge is to define the requirements in a way that can accommodate different types of rules in different organizations.

See details and share your thoughts.

Carrying Forward Leave

Another popular request has been to introduce ability to carry forward leave to the next leave period according to rules.

See details and share your thoughts.

Improved Usability of Leave Summary

See proposed new screens.


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