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The importance of time management

“It’s only a 5-minute job”.

A sentence many have heard time and time again from either a client, or even internally from a colleague.  The one sentence you dread to hear. But how long really does it take to complete a certain task or project? It’s sometimes hard to explain how long something can take, especially when it’s creative or technical. It may look from the outset that it’s a simple task, but the process can be longwinded and time consuming. I recently saw a video (which I will share later, so keep your eyes peeled) on LinkedIn that demonstrated the importance of recording your time and it made me think of how we can manage it better.

Justifying time spent on tasks or projects can be a difficult. It’s imperative to record your time whether you work for a company of 5 or 5,000. Attending meetings when actions haven’t been completed can be a nightmare, especially when you end up feeling like you haven’t succeeded in what you were ‘supposed’ to have done because other priorities have taken over, but how do you justify this? Managing expectations is essential, but being able to provide a valid time line for a task is imperative so clients can understand the work involved. You must also remember, clients can come in all forms. A client isn’t just someone who is paying the organization you’re working for. A client is also a work colleague who is relying on you for a task to be completed.

What’s the solution?

There is never enough time. Time is money. You’re also judged on time as an employee, or business. Delivering on time is essential if you want to gain a positive reputation, and retain your clients. Clients pay for time. If you can’t record your time accurately when billing, you’ll either get under paid, or clients may be charged more, and invoices questioned.

To resolve disputes regarding time, organizations should use a time management tool to record how long a project takes. Not only this, but by recording how long certain projects take can help in projecting costs and resource for future workloads. It can also make organisations understand where and when resource is needed, and where resource is being underutilised.

You may already have a solution for recording your time, but is it something that others can view and access? OrangeHRM has something quite exciting that may help in managing time just that little bit better. If you’re interested, let us know by emailing us.

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How to stay motivated in 2018

The new year is already moving pretty fast, and many of us will have already thought of how we want to improve this year. But how do you stay motivated to achieve success, especially at work? Here are 4 ways to help to stay motivated…

1.) Make a realistic list – making a list will give you guidance on what you would like to achieve per week, but lets be realistic, there’s no point putting 10 million items on a weekly list. If not completed will make you feel like you haven’t achieved your goals, because you’re setting unrealistic expectations. You not only have to set clients and colleagues expectations, but also your own. In order to be able to manage your task list, it’s probably easier to write one each day as well, dividing them up into more manageable chunks. At the end of each day, you can tick your completed items off which is not only rewarding, but it will give you a sense of accomplishment each day, and week.

2.) Take breaks – it’s really easy to start a new year with heaps of positivity and motivation. You could be raring to go on a specific project, and end up not leaving your desk for the entire day. If you end up doing this for the entire week, or longer you will end up feeling lethargic, unmotivated which in turn will lead to a decrease in productivity. Try and take at least 20 minutes during the day to leave your desk – get some fresh air, or even talk to a colleague.

3.) Start a new hobby or activity – why not start a club at work? Or do an after work run club for example? Having activitives outside of work will boost your productivity when you sit down and do your work. If your organization has an HR Management Solution such as OrangeHRM, they will have a community page, where you can advertise for team members, or share your 2018 ideas with the rest of your organization. Communicating with colleagues in this way will help build relationships, and also encourage others to join in.

4.) Set yourself a challenge – Having a goal at work will boost your motivation. Whether it is a small task, to take part in training or gain a promotion – this will not only be positive for your own self motivation and confidence, but it will also show your organization you want to grow and progress. Setting yourself a career pathway is a great way of managing your own personal development. Within most HR Management Solutions, employees have the ability to do this. Using OrangeHRM you can explore your personal development plan, and look at your objectives to see what you can work towards in this new year.

Motivation is something that is easy to want, but a challenge to keep unless you have a plan. How do you keep yourself motivated? And do they think technology can help in doing so? We’d love to hear your thoughts. If you’d like to find out more on how we can help your organization stay motivated by using our HR Management solution, please get in touch.

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Make HR your new year’s resolution

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3 questions asked when looking at a new HR solution

2018 has now begun, and the majority are back at work thinking about how to improve in the new year of 2018. Organizations will be looking at how they can increase their profit, and how their resources can help with this target. To operate more efficiently, and to manage talent it’s vital to consider an HR Management solution that can meet your requirements. But where do you start? Most organizations don’t want to either change their HR solution, or start using one because they think it will break the bank and won’t fit their business needs. Here are 3 common questions we hear when talking about moving to an HR solution, and what you can do to ensure these questions are answered..

1. Won’t it cost us too much money?

Many organizations resist from investing in an HR Management solution because they think it’s going to break the purse strings. However, there are many options available for all budgets. Open Source has proven a worldwide popular choice, obviously because it is free. However, these are usually better for smaller companies who have 50 or less employees. If your organization is larger, your functionality might be limited. Software providers can offer great solutions for every budget, like OrangeHRM. They understand that budgets vary, as do requirements and it’s really important you seek guidance from an HR consultant on what your choices are, instead of looking at the ‘ general’ pricing plans and rule providers out because of this. It’s also worth noting, some providers offers discounts at specific times of the year, so keep your eyes peeled and do your research.

2. Our business is looking to grow in the next few years, a system won’t be able to expand to meet our requirements…

You need to look for a system that is flexible with growth, something that can grow with you, not against you. OrangeHRM provides a solution that doesn’t pigeon hole organizations into what they ‘ think’ customers need, but tailor a solution specifically for their growth. For example: in the early days, you may only need core HR, and not a multitude of additional modules. Once growth has occurred, it’s possible to add on extra modules when and where needed. You need to be aware that some providers won’t offer the possibility of picking and choosing certain modules, so you could be left with a very expensive, clunky and complicated system that you only use a quarter of it’s functionality.

3. Our industry is very niche, and we need someone who has expertise in our industry

When looking for a solution, you need to do your research into what the client base of your shortlisted providers. It’s also important to look at the testimonials, and see real life evidence of how certain solutions can help specific industries. OrangeHRM has a large array of clients, and has specialists dedicated to industries to ensure individual requirements are met. It’s also worth noting that some providers are against customizing modules for certain industries, so you must ask the question if these are possible, instead of just looking on the website. You can listen to what our clients have to say here.

Want to know more?

OrangeHRM understand that each organization is unique, as are their people. If you are thinking or looking for a new HR Solution, we have dedicated HR specialists that would love to talk to you, to see how we can help you. Get in touch here


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