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Recruiting? Top Screening Tips for 2016

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In many talent areas, the job market is tightening.  A positive candidate journey—even when the hire is not made—is important.  Screening techniques and tools are important to keep your recruiting efforts consistent, legal, and productive.

OrangeHRM is committed to providing software and mobile solutions for the HR space. Staying compliant is easier with standardized HR tools—along with knowledge of current trends in employment, and even post-employment screening.

Let’s take a look at the issues facing hiring managers at the outset of this year:

  • Background checks and banning the black box:  Ongoing conversations about the legitimacy of background checks will get louder in 2016.  As some jurisdictions move to limit use of criminal background history during employment screening, the workforce will see an influx of eligible ex-offenders.  Because of the historically high rate of incarceration in the United States, easing the ability of non-violent ex-offenders to return to the workforce eases some aspects of the labor shortage, and provides needed employment and stability to qualified workers. Along with scrutiny of criminal background checks, expect greater watchdog action on the accuracy of background checks on job candidates.  Late last year, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) fined two screening companies, General Information Services and, more than $12 million for inaccurate reports on job candidates. In addition—watch for an uptick in background screening of the 1099 workforce, including freelancers, consultants, and independent contractors.
  • Drug screening:  In some parts of the country, use of medical and even recreational marijuana, is legal.  While drug policies were more cut and dried in the past, expect to revisit drug testing and employment policies this year.
  • The role of ATS in data protection:  With the upswing in commercial and institutional data hacks, the role of ATS in brokering and transmitting personal background information on job candidates comes into question.  While ATS modules  and apps offer invaluable recruiting help, concern rises over the potential liability of ATS developers for storing or transmitting information that could be hacked.  Plus, if consent forms for background checks are not carefully completed—who is liable when a background check is hacked, exposing unauthorized personal information?  Sandboxing liability—and ensuring accuracy—of background checks, is bound to increase in 2016.
  • Post-screening and onsite security:  Tragic events in the last year have heightened concern for workplace, and workforce, safety.  While most employers traditionally do not rescreen employees after employment, social media screening, or check-in practices may become more common going forward.  Similarly, offboarding procedures and best practices will also become more structured, and likely better documented.

Use the right tech—and the right screening process—to keep your company marketplace relevant in 2016.  Whether you are a global enterprise, SME, or start-up, OrangeHRM offers flexibility and robust function.  Talk to us when you have questions about the right HR toolkit to serve your organization.


Implementing HR Software: The Importance of Good Change Management

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When you implement a new HR platform, it is important to plan ahead.

As a leader in HRM solutions, OrangeHRM offers products and services for start-ups, SME, and global business. When we onboard deliverables, we are not only implementing a new system—but organizational change.  Good change management is essential.

After you have done the difficult work of surveying needs, and HR software vendors, it is time to implement your new system.  Before implementation, be sure to address these points:

  • Project management:  Ensure your organization identifies a project leader to carry out implementation.  This includes creating a project plan, identifying and elevating risk, working with internal and external point personnel, and ensuring business and vendor communications run smoothly, and to expectation.  A good project manager keeps your implementation moving forward, oversees data conversion, and ensures that your company has its best chance for a successful rollout.
  • Evaluate your need:  Upon making a software decision, most organizations are ready to get started.  Work with your vendor to identify implementation options. With OrangeHRM, we offer services that track to the needs of our clients.  Our turbo implementation rolls out our software—including training and system optimization—in two weeks.  For clients without the need for speed, we offer personal onboarding that provides the same services over a slightly longer period.  As you plan your implementation, be sure to speak with your vendor about what services are available, at what cost, to suit your needs.  Rapid, thorough rollout offers a good opportunity for your employees to get a jump-start with your new system.
  • Statement of work:  The statement of work (SOW) is an essential document for any kind of tech implementation or build-out.  The SOW identifies a schedule, and describes the services you can expect.  Look for, and work out, a fine-grained SOW to ensure there are no gaps, or vague delivery assumptions.
  • Online or onsite training:  Onboarding software has never been easier.  Many vendors offer a variety of training services including documentation, Webex modules, onsite training, and follow-up services. OrangeHRM offers all of these options, customized to client need.  Online implementation is cost-effective, covers all discovery points, and offers a real advantage to small groups.  Using online training means no travel expenses or significant work down-time.  Onsite training offered by your HR software vendor gives employees a chance to work with the system in the presence of a specialist.  Geared to small or large groups, onsite training provides users with a full understanding of the capabilities of their new HR software.

As with any project, it is important that HR software implementation is delivered on time, and within budget.  Success is measured by the ability of your organization to move comfortably, and effectively, forward after launch.

When you change your HR software—be sure you have structure in place to manage that change.  Work with an experienced, reputable vendor and be clear about your needs, expectations, and budget.


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