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Recruitment - How Applicant Tracking Systems can Improve Candidate Interaction

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Applicant tracking systems (ATS) bring a lot of benefits with them as a recruitment tool. The most popular benefit of an ATS is that of improving candidate interaction. Learn how applicant tracking systems can improve interactions with candidates who are interested in your open jobs, by reading below.

Easier Access to Emails

Applicant tracking systems make it easier for companies to contact their candidates via email. Almost all ATS systems on the market today have some sort of email function integrated so companies and candidates can connect with each other. The email feature works just like a personal or business email, but there are some added features. For example, the email systems will allow candidates and companies to upload documents, resumes, create new tasks and even create appointments on calendars.

Mobile Access to ATS

If there is an ATS system on the market today that does not have a mobile app, then we have not found it yet. This is a major benefit for both companies and candidates because the two sides can interact no matter where they are in the world. Both sides will still be able to send emails, upload documents and companies can look at any new candidates entered into the system from the mobile application.

Gauge Candidate Interest

An ATS system is a great way for a company to gauge the interest of the candidate applying for the job. Companies can create automated interactions with all those who apply for open jobs and then begin scheduling interviews with those candidates who respond to the interactions. This helps companies limit the time spent on uninterested candidates, allowing them to focus more time on candidates who truly want to work for the company.

Conduct Video Interviews

Some ATS systems have a video feature. This feature allows companies to interview candidates who are not local to the company via video instead of in-person. This could save the company and the candidate money if the first round does not go well. If the video interview goes well, the company can schedule a second interview, this time in-person with the candidate.

Create Screening Surveys

Another benefit of the ATS system is the ability for companies to create screening surveys. People love to take surveys online, especially when they could lead to a job interview. Interaction with job candidates is much easier when using a screening survey via an ATS.

An applicant tracking system can be a difference maker for large and small companies when it comes to finding new employees. Candidates want to interact with potential employers, and vice versa, which is why an ATS makes perfect sense for companies of all sizes.

Later this year we will launch a brand new ATS module with an integrated interview assistant at our 1st user conference OHRMCon 2015.

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Recruiting via LinkedIn - How ATS systems have Integrated with LinkedIn

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Companies across the globe are taking advantage of LinkedIn and all it has to offer when it comes to recruiting talent. One such way companies use LinkedIn is by integrating an applicant tracking system, which is a software program that allows companies to track their candidates through the recruitment cycle. Here, we will discuss how ATS systems have integrated with LinkedIn to streamline the process.

Single User Interface

ATS systems that have integrated with LinkedIn provide companies with a single user interface instead of using multiple systems. This means that companies no longer have to switch between systems to monitor all of their candidates when job orders open up. This lessens the time spent sifting through candidates and allows the company more time to interact with those candidates using social networking tools found on LinkedIn.

View Profiles on LinkedIn

When ATS systems integrate with LinkedIn it also provides companies with a major feature: the ability to preview candidate profiles on the social network. The entire profile will be available to view, which means companies will get to see a candidate’s work history, education and recommendations all in one place. This acts as a virtual resume that helps recruiters to screen every candidate.

Send Private Messages

Companies using ATS systems that have integrated with LinkedIn will also be able to send private messages to the profiles of their candidates without first connecting with them on the social site. The private messages can be sent from within the ATS system that has been integrated with LinkedIn.

Apply Through LinkedIn

When companies integrate their ATS systems with LinkedIn, candidates will be able to apply for open jobs at those companies. All the candidate must do is connect their LinkedIn profile with the job for which they wish to apply. The company will then be able to see who has applied and view their LinkedIn profiles.

Quick Post to LinkedIn

Recruiters using integrated ATS systems on LinkedIn will be able to quick post job advertisements directly to the social networking site. The quick post feature makes it incredibly easy for companies to post job ads and then monitor who has applied for those jobs. Candidates can also quickly apply for jobs as they are linked back to the ATS.

Better Quality of Hires

A large number of ATS systems have integrated with LinkedIn because doing so provides companies with a better overall quality of hires. Being able to view the LinkedIn profile pages of prospective employees makes it easier to read their recommendations, endorsements and comments from former co-workers and employers.

Recruiting via LinkedIn has become a popular method for companies to find new employees, which is why OrangeHRM has integrated with the social networking site. Take advantage of these features today by using OrangeHRM for your hiring needs.

Later this year we will launch a brand new ATS module with an integrated interview assistant at our 1st user conference OHRMCon 2015.

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Using ATS Software to Improve the Candidate Experience

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Software Advice, a company that reviews human resources software, recently surveyed job seekers and recruiters to help employers understand what constitutes a good hiring experience, and how applicant tracking systems (ATSs) can help with the process. The survey results revealed some causes of a bad candidate experience, and how to fix those issues. Some of the key statistics include:

1) Unclear application instructions are the primary cause of a bad candidate experience, cited by 93 percent of job seekers.

2) Extremely long application forms are the second most common cause of a negative candidate experience, cited by 90 percent of job seekers.

3) More than one-third of job seekers (34 percent) say that more communication during the hiring process would improve their candidate experience.

4) The primary thing job seekers say would improve their candidate experience is a clear timeline of the hiring process (cited by 74 percent).

5 ) Over one-quarter of recruiters (26 percent) say that using an ATS is a key factor in helping them provide candidates with a clear timeline of the hiring process.

According to CareerBuilder research, approximately one-third of job applicants that had a bad candidate experience with a potential employer say they are less likely to purchase products from that company. Another 78 percent say they would share their bad experience with friends and family. In other words, a bad candidate experience can be bad for business.

That said, it is increasingly important to better understand the candidate experience as a whole, how to eliminate bad experiences and how ATS software can help create the experience that job seekers and candidates are looking for. Ultimately, the experience begins with the job posting. So, it makes sense that unclear instructions are the primary cause of a bad candidate experience. And according to the job seekers surveyed by Software Advice, job postings should include two key elements: clear instructions, and an application of reasonable length.

Along with unclear instructions and extremely long applications, other causes of a negative candidate experiences include: minimal job description, no link to application, no confirmation email, long hiring process, no notice when position is filled, no salary information, unable to contact a recruiter, no info about interview process and no benefits information. In order to right these wrongs, recruiters and employers can turn to software. According to Software Advice’s survey, better communication, notification if passed over and a clear timeline of the hiring process would be helpful and would create a better candidate experience.

Overall, the candidate experience is an integral part of the recruiting process that can impact how effectively a company is able to recruit quality candidates—and even impact the company’s bottom line. Candidates are seeking better communication and more feedback from employers, along with shorter applications. These primary factors, which can make or break a good candidate experience, can be addressed with the use of ATS and human resources software. By automating the process with ATS solutions, businesses can save time and effort for recruiters and streamline the applicant workflow to ensure that no candidate has a negative experience.

View the full report here.


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