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Configurable Date Formats and Language Settings with OrangeHRM 2.6.11

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Country based settings were a frequent request throughout the last year; this includes date format configurability and language selection. OrangeHRM 2.6.11 comprises both these options, provided that for the language selection, the respective language files are placed in the system. Language packs can be created by following the instructions on this guide.

In addition to these releases, save time when populating employee data into the Personal Information Management (PIM) module by using the CSV data import option. This basic CSV data import tool allows HR Administrators to populate personal and contact details of employees into the system.


Training Sessions in Jakarta, Indonesia

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Transforming OrangeHRM’s diverse user community into qualified and skilled HR Personnel is the prime objective of OrangeHRM Training programs. OrangeHRM On-site Training has produced HR Personnel that assure optimized use of OrangeHRM.

OrangeHRM On-site Training held in Jakarta, Indonesia to serve the active OrangeHRM user community, has been another successful event. Organized by our local partner, Titus Permadi, this On-site Training was also intended to educate and train the users to use OrangeHRM to the best of its capabilities, while introducing new HR practices & policies that are emerging.

The next On-site Training session is tentatively to be held in the last week of November 2011, in Bandung, Indonesia.

For reservations please contact our local partner Titus Permadi.


Enhanced Personnel Information Reporting with OrangeHRM 2.6.10

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Managing Personal Information of all the employees and populating the data into a centralized data repository is a key role of HR Management.  OrangeHRM’s existing Personal Information Management (PIM) module was specifically implemented to maintain all employee related information in a centralized location which is accessible to any employee in the organization.

Storing will only solve half of your problems, retrieval of data in a proper, timely and productive manner is key for HR managers.

Upon requests and suggestions made by our user base, we re-engineered our existing reports module, plugged it into the PIM module with some useful new additions. This allows administrators to generate customized PIM reports which may include any selected criteria within the PIM module. Administrators may run and edit reports by selecting and hiding certain employee information in the PIM module. This new PIM Reports feature was implemented to aid HR Personnel in generating PIM reports instantly, at ease.

Try OrangeHRM 2.6.10 Today!


Human Resource Information Systems

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OrangeHRM featured in “Human Resource Information Systems” by Michael J. Kavanagh, Mohan Thite and Richard D. Johnson

The Human Resource Information Systems course book is a joint effort of Michael J. Kavanagh and Richard D. Johnson who are Professors at the University of Albany and also Mohan Thite, who is a senior lecturer at the Griffith University, Australia. This book gives a comprehensive introduction on the integration of Human Resource Management and Information Systems, and how the integration of these two major fields has evolved into HRIS. Moreover, this book emphasizes on how HRIS serves the growing demands of HR Management in companies and its impact on the global market.

As a leading open-source HRM (HRIS) solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, OrangeHRM is featured in this book to depict the modern HRIS practices, thus creating awareness to students on the future of Human Resource Information Systems and emerging trends in Human Resource Management and Information Technology.

Earlier this year OrangeHRM Co-founder and CEO, Sujee Saparamadu visited the University of Albany for a lecture about OrangeHRM and an online training was conducted for the students.

Click here for more details about the book.


OrangeHRM 2.6.9 Is Here!

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OrangeHRM constantly monitors the demands of its diverse user community. The feedback given by the community base had aided in implementing an application with usability improvements and feature enhancements that are required for a stable system.  This stable version of OrangeHRM features many usability improvements in all modules that ensure optimized use of OrangeHRM. Moreover, the minor defects which have affected the smooth functioning of the system had been identified and dealt with.

Experience OrangeHRM 2.6.9 today….


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