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OrangeHRM 2.6.8 Released with Enhanced Recruitment & Time Modules

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OrangeHRM constantly acknowledges the demands of its diverse user community, thus giving rise to a flexible application that fulfills HR requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises. This new version of OrangeHRM comes along with many feature enhancements in the time and recruitment modules.

From now on, let OrangeHRM’s recruitment module handle your organization’s recruitment process, from advertising to decision making. Resume hunting and short listing is aided by Keyword Tagging, while the integration of social media tools allows posting job vacancies on social media sites such as facebook, linkedin and twitter.  OrangeHRM 2.6.8 comes with a social media recruitment plug-in where you can post job vacancies on facebook for free.

The advanced time module in OrangeHRM 2.6.8 lets your organization achieve performance targets by monitoring each employee’s project tasks effectively. The freedom of integrating the time module with payroll systems and attendance tracking devices is also now much easier compared to previous versions.

Advanced plug-ins like, resume parsing & archiving, social media recruitment have been released along with release.

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The Next On-site Training is in Indonesia

Over the past few years Indonesia has been a country with many OrangeHRM users. Our user community has been very active. The local partner Titus Permadi has been keen on educating the value the open-source application can add to growing economies like Indonesia.

The training sessions are tentatively, to be held within the first week of October and training will be held in two cities, Jakarta and Surabaya. Our aim is to educate and train the users to use OrangeHRM to the best of its capabilities, while introducing new HR practices & policies that are emerging. Only a limited number of participants will be allowed to register for the training and for more details please contact our local partner.

All participants will be awarded the Certified OrangeHRM Administrator Certification, a globally recognized HRIS qualification.

So hurry up! Register yourself for on-site training and be an OrangeHRM Certified Administrator!

OrangeHRM Silver Partner
Titus Permadi
Mobile- 083869768882


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