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Special Offer for OrangeHRM Training and Certifications

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If you have made the right choice of using OrangeHRM as the HR solution for your company, here is your chance to step forward along with us. We are ready to guide you along our pathway of OrangeHRM Training and produce qualified OrangeHRM users.

Our training enables users to manipulate the software effectively and conveniently, which in turn increases employee productivity. Qualified users will ensure the optimized use of OrangeHRM.

The OrangeHRM marketing team is running a promotion for the certification program offering a huge discount until the 30th of September 2011.

Our standard training course fee is $450 and the examination fee is $500, subscribe before the 30th of December and follow the complete online training program for $250 and register for the online examination at just another $250. This is a saving of $450 and an investment that will add vast returns to individuals and organizations. The certification also bears international recognition.

So hurry up! Don’t miss this special offer!

Contact our today.


OrangeHRM 2.6.6 Is Out!

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2.6.5 was a successful and was well received by the global user base. The version contained a modernized PIM and useful feature additions. Like any software there were a few minor tweaks that were needed to perfect it and we are grateful to the community members who gave us their feedback.

2.6.6 is yet another improved face of OrangeHRM that lets your system function efficiently.

OrangeHRM keeps evolving itself to provide you with the best features HR Management software could ever have!


OrangeHRM On-Site Training - Beyond Learning

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If acquiring knowledge on Human Resource Management is your motive, then OrangeHRM On-Site Training is the best option for you.  Our goal is to enrich HR Personnel on HR Management, while clarifying day to day challenges encountered in HR Management.
Rather than sticking to traditional class room – teaching methods, our training comprises, cognitive and behavioral techniques which are the two prime methods of HR Training, thus giving rise to skilled HR Personnel.

Under the guidance and supervision of qualified lecturers, individuals are made aware of up-to-date HR Management customs. Technology-based learning, simulations, group discussions and tutorials are a few methods in the course outline of OrangeHRM’s On-Site Training.

Through OrangeHRM Training, one will be an asset to its employer without doubt.  The right choice for your HR training will bring outcomes such as, knowledge, increased productivity, and contribution to the organization. Due to the up-to-date HR Management customs taught during our training, it increases the employee’s flexibility, while fulfilling the company’s need to develop their employees’ ability to keep up with the pace of change.

Although OrangeHRM is highly user friendly some of its rich features are not obvious and the data mining from its core modules require in-depth training for the novice users.

Training class conducted in Bangkok, Thailand for VHC Advance, our local partner in Thailand.

OrangeHRM On-Site Training done for our pertner in Thailand

OrangeHRM On-Site Training done for our partner in Thailand

Training conducted for a group of clients in Johannesburg, South Africa.

OrangeHRM On-Site Training done for a group of clients in Johannesburg, South Africa

Training conducted for Landmark Properties in Ontario, Canada.

Johannesburg, South Africa On-site Training

Student Testimonials

“The training was very helpful and insight for us. We had not really engaged with the system in depth, thus the training provided us with the knowhow and valuable information on how best to utilise the system. The trainer was also very good, he used a good pace that we could be on level with and took time to explain the modules in a thorough manner. He also made use of practical examples so we could engage with the system and have a practical feel of utilising the system. The trainer also provided us with useful contacts in case we need help when we are now using the  system in a production environment.”

George Murewa
ICT & Knowledge Manager
Randburg, South Africa

For more information on OrangeHRM Training, please click here.


Be a Certified OrangeHRM Administrator

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OrangeHRM Certification

We have laid the foundation for users to becoming a trusted and valuable resource for OrangeHRM users around the world. The program started in the last quarter of 2010 and now we have over a dozen of certified administrators around the world. The certification includes the open source version, OrangeHRM Live and other customized versions.

For more details contact

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