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OrangeHRM, One of the Top 25 Open Source Project’s on Sourceforge - CodeWeblog

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A leading Open Source blog ranked OrangeHRM as one of the top 25 projects on Earlier in 2008 OrangeHRM was selected as the Project of the Month for December and was ranked the 5th  Best Project for Enterprises in 2009 on

OrangeHRM will continue to deliver high quality solutions for today’s HR Mangers.
OrangeHRM’s next stable released version 2.6 will be released soon.

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OrangeHRM Used For Recruiting and Managing Volunteers Utilized for FIFA 2010 Fan Fests

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The soccer world cup is scheduled to take place in South Africa from the 11th of June to the 11th of July. While in contact with James Abrahams a member of our community from Johannesburg South Africa we came to know OrangeHRM being used to recruit and manage the volunteers for the Fan Fests during FIFA 2010.

James was delighted to see a product of this nature, he said “Any spreadsheet or other dbase would have sufficed but OrangeHRM is neatly packaged (segmented like an orange).

It’s also very user-friendly and from an HR point of view, keeps the information safe like cells in the segments, as an orange should.
We are overjoyed to see OrangeHRM being used to assist an event so huge.

Achievements like this will help us drive closer and closer to becoming “The World’s Most Used HR System.”


OrangeHRM, more secure than ever

In our endeavor to make OrangeHRM a highly secure enterprise application, we’ll soon be releasing a patch ( for the latest stable version of OrangeHRM, with a few security improvements. We’re thankful to our community and various organizations that continue to test OrangeHRM and bring existing issues to our attention. We’re committed to fix these issues as soon as possible, and continue to improve the level of security in OrangeHRM.

The following bugs have been reported, and our development team is now fixing them:

  • 3003346     Potential SQL injection vulnerability with ess login
  • 3001611     Ess module is vulenerable to xss
  • 3003358     Possible CSRF and PHP code injection
  • 3003361     Not sanitized ajax reponses leads to XSS vulnerability
  • 3000555     Sanitize the input data in jobs.php

We will soon make the fixes available with OrangeHRM

In addition to security testing performed by external organizations, we’ve internally formed a security testing team, who will continue to test each new version of OrangeHRM thoroughly for possible security flaws.

We’ll be posting updates about our progress on this blog.



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