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Developing Your Own Modules and Plugins for OrangeHRM

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OrangeHRM currently doesn’t have a proper mechanism to allow third party modules and plugins to be integrated. However certain community users have taken the initiatives to develop custom modules and plugins for OrangeHRM. We thought it’s good to provide them a medium for announcing their features and getting community feedback.

Based on that we launched OrangeHRM Community Contributions forum. Some instructions and guidelines are also in place. We hope the experience gained here will help us to develop a proper mechanism for integrating third party features.

7 Responses

  1. Burhan Rasool

    This is wonderful.

  2. Kunal Salunkhe

    I want to add new module in Orangehrm.or plugin.if you have any solution on that..

  3. vanapandi

    Hi..i want to add Task to project and to track Task with employees.Is it Possible?

  4. Daniel Chen

    Requirements for Church or Community HRM:
    1. Family Mgmt
    2. Group Mgmt

  5. zayed khyar

    I want to develop a payroll module if directory you can help me

  6. Roody

    I want to add a post module, where we can post company policies, announcement, rules, etc..
    Can someone help?

  7. lucy

    Roody, thank you for your comment. Please email and they can assist you with this as it depends what version you are using. Many thanks

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