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The Performance Module

A performance evaluation is a stressful time for a manager. With the OrangeHRM performance module we make performance evaluation a walk through the park. While ensuring accurate reviews this new module will save a great deal of money and time.

Although this module was not introduced to OrangeHRM earlier many organizations around the world like DUKE NUS - Singapore, The ORS Group - Australia and CIM Technologies - USA use performance modules designed by OrangeHRM to suit each of these companies requirements.

This module will be released with the next stable version OrangeHRM 2.6. Development teams at OrangeHRM are working hard to release 2.6 by the end of March 2010.

A beta version will be released during the first week of March 2010.

Screen Shots


Meeting Module from PUCIT

PUCIT Lahore is a set of Pakistani contributors. They have proposed a Meeting Module for OrangeHRM. Requirements spec and UI spec are already posted in OrangeHRM Community Contributions forum for community feedback.

This will initially be developed as a third party module (means you have to separately download it and integrate) but if more users demand it, we would think about adding it to core product. Please take some time to review the specs and give the feedback to make their attempt a success.


Developing Your Own Modules and Plugins for OrangeHRM

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OrangeHRM currently doesn’t have a proper mechanism to allow third party modules and plugins to be integrated. However certain community users have taken the initiatives to develop custom modules and plugins for OrangeHRM. We thought it’s good to provide them a medium for announcing their features and getting community feedback.

Based on that we launched OrangeHRM Community Contributions forum. Some instructions and guidelines are also in place. We hope the experience gained here will help us to develop a proper mechanism for integrating third party features.


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