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Proposed Leave Module Enhancements

Posted in Community Collaboration  by Himath

We’re considering some enhancements to the OrangeHRM Leave Module to make it more user-friendly and more useful for large organizations. Please have a look and share your thoughts with us.

Leave Accrual

We have received many requests to have automatic leave accrual based on rules, in addition to the manual allocation of leave OrangeHRM has now. The challenge is to define the requirements in a way that can accommodate different types of rules in different organizations.

See details and share your thoughts.

Carrying Forward Leave

Another popular request has been to introduce ability to carry forward leave to the next leave period according to rules.

See details and share your thoughts.

Improved Usability of Leave Summary

See proposed new screens.

2 Responses

  1. R. Al-Rawi

    A really useful addition to this excellent leave module would be some level of Google Calendar integration, as many organisations utilise Google Apps and use the Calendar.

    Even a basic “export” of the leave booked/taken would be great.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Dirk B

    As above, integration with Google Calendar would be hugely beneficial to us. We use Google Apps and the requirement to book leave and then block calendars separately means the latter step is often forgotten leading to difficulty in booking meetings.

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