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Get involved with OrangeHRM QA and help us make a better product

Posted in General  by Zanfer

Now you have a valuable opportunity to get involved in QA Testing OrangeHRM. We are planning to share the process, tasks, tools and techniques we use to test OrangeHRM.

Following are some benefits you can get:

  1. Be recognized in the community as a valuable contributor to OrangeHRM.
  2. Learn about OrangeHRM QA process, and get exposed to industrial standards.

The Role of QA Testing at OrangeHRM

We believe in making OrangeHRM a product of the highest level of quality. Therefore finding bugs is essential. The key is not how many bugs you find, but when you find them. The earlier you find a bug, the less costly it will be to fix.

The way you look for bugs is different from person to person:

  • A developer with an intimate knowledge of the code may find code level bugs that nobody else can catch, using methods such as code inspections.
  • A proficient tester, even without development experience, may find functional bugs by testing the application with a systematic approach.
  • The end user may find bugs by simply using the application and comparing the results with expectations.

Of all these three methods of finding bugs, the first one is the most effective. Bugs found at that stage are the least expensive to fix. However, one can’t find all the bugs with code inspections, and that’s the role of QA testing and end-user testing. Bugs caught using the two latter methods cost more to fix.

Obviously, the bugs that affect the final users are the ones for which you care most, and it would be of mutual benefit to find these bugs as early as possible.

How you can be a part of this effort

No matters how expert are the professionals at this job, finding all the bugs are impractical. Although the QA professionals find a lot of bugs, those which you never hear of, because they are fixed before you hit the download button to get the application, there are still the ones that affect you, the final user, the most important party involved.

Therefore the idea is to involve community members in the process of QA testing.

We would like to get the user community involved in QA testing OrangeHRM. We believe this would help us identify product issues that matter to users sooner, allowing us to fix them earlier and speed up our efforts to continuously improve the quality of OrangeHRM.

How to get involved

If you are willing to get involved and join with our QA process, please follow the below steps.

1. Create a user account in (ie: Repository where OrangHRM hosted)

2. Contact OrangeHRM and request for a project involvement. (

In the request email it’s preferred to include details such as, username, proficiency level in IT, interest and expectations by involving with OrangHRM.

Upon receiving the request email, OrangeHRM will review the information and will send an email to the user with a confirmation. A user who receives the confirmation can login to, and check for any pending QA tasks in the task menu. And if he finds any task interesting he can assign that to him and proceed with the task.

Tester can contact the Internal QA team on further information and guidelines

After assigning a task to himself, the tester will be responsible for the completion of the task. Throughout the process, OrangeHRM internal QA Team members will review the progress of the activity and provide the needed guidance and help.

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