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The next chapters of OrangeHRM

Posted in Product Releases  by Himath

A number of users of OrangeHRM have asked us what’s next in OrangeHRM. This post is an attempt to give you an overview of what’s being developed now.

OrangeHRM 2.4.1 - The main feature is an automated upgrader. The beta releases are already out. We will soon be able to make a 2.4.1 stable release.

OrangeHRM 2.5 - Development has started. An early release will be available in January 2009. The main features are:
(1) New look of OrangeHRM. Improved look and feel of the OrangeHRM user inteface based on community feedback.
(2) Separation of Project Time and Punch In/Out features.
(3) Ability to attach a resume with a job application by an applicant.

Performance Evaluation Module - Requirements gathering is in progress. If you have any suggestions about what features this module should include, please send your suggestions to The target for implementation is Q2, 2009.


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