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OrangeHRM is ranked 5th on Sourceforge

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We’re happy to announce that today, OrangeHRM is ranked 5th on Sourceforge based on activity. Sourceforge hosts hundreds of thousands of projects, and this is the highest rank ever achieved by OrangeHRM.

Click here to view OrangeHRM statistics on Sourceforge.



OrangeHRM Upgrader

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We’re happy to announce that a web based upgrader has been added to OrangeHRM 2.4.1 which upgrades your previous stable version of OrangeHRM to OrangeHRM 2.4.1. This was done in response to numerous requests we received from the user community in our forum and through email.

The upgrader can upgrade OrangeHRM versions, 2.3, and 2.4 to the latest OrangeHRM version 2.4.1.

This is now available as a beta release from Sourceforge.

Click here to download OrangeHRM 2.4.1 with the upgrader.

Click here to view the upgrade instructions.

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Separating Project Time and Punch In/Out

Posted in Development  by Himath 2 Comments

In the current version of OrangeHRM, project time and punch in/out time entry mechanisms are integrated in a single timesheet. The punch in/out was introduced as an easier way to enter time for organizations that do not want detailed information of time spent on projects and activities.

However, based on user feedback, some organizations use both these type of time entry mechanisms. Punch In/Out is basically used to track attendance and project time is used to track detailed information on time spent on various projects and activities.

To improve the usability of this feature, we have decided to separate these 2 time tracking functionalities. We will introduce a new report type: Attendance Report. Further, there will be configurable options to restrict employees’ rights to edit already reported Punch In/Out time data.

The latest definition of this feature is on our Wiki: Link

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