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OrangeHRM 2.4 stable version released to SourceForge

Posted in Product Releases  by Himath 1 Comment

After months of testing, bug fixes, and seven beta releases, we have released OrangeHRM 2.4 as a stable release to SourceForge. This is the first stable OrangeHRM release with the Recruitment module.

This release includes the following bugs fixed since 2.4-beta.7:

2067151 - Leave:Ess Apply leave,doesnt filter properly
2040006 - Time: Approved timesheets can be edited
2057167 - Leave:Entering for some text boxes, gives Stoper
2041376 - 2.4b6:Benefits:ESSuser having(’) in his name,cant submit req
2037561 - TIME:It gives an incorrect report if the user add time event
2059239 - Renaming Leave Type leads for incorrect displaying of data
2023269 - [CRB] Leave list for a month not filtered properly
2056846 - Admin: Entering ‘ for some text boxes, gives Stoper

Click here to download OrangeHRM 2.4



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