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The new look of OrangeHRM

Posted in Community Collaboration  by Himath 3 Comments

Based on user feedback, we have decided to improve the look and usability of OrangeHRM user interface. The initial prototypes are now available. We invite you to access the new UI from: Link.

User Id: Admin
Password: orangebm

These changes are not final, and we’re open to any suggestions from you. We appreciate if you could take a few minutes to provide us feedback about the proposed user interface changes.

Provide feedback

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OrangeHRM 2.4-beta.7 Released

Posted in Product Releases  by Himath No Comments

We just released OrangeHRM 2.4-beta.7 to SourceForge. This continues our effort to raise the bar for product quality. We have been focusing a lot on QA testing OrangeHRM during the last few months. Currently we’re in the process of fixing high priority bugs. With a few more iterations of fixes, we will be able to release OrangeHRM 2.4 as a stable version, making it the most stable OrangeHRM version todate.

The following bugs were fixed in OrangeHRM 2.4-beta.7:

1965051 - Error massege Gives bottom of the CSV File
1950539 - Time Module -> Time sheet details alignment not correct
2044110 - Strings with ‘ results java scripts to not to work
1989466 - Dependent can be saved without Name and Relationship : PIM, with some minor UI improvements
1995669 - Leave Module: Zero Time Duration Can be Assigned as a Leave
2006032 - Custom fields can not take in comments with double quotes
2021159 - Report:Admin user with Edit privilege can’t edit Reports
1950679 - Leave -> Leave quota text box is not validate
2015722 - lang_en_full.php file contains some spelling mistakes. Corrected spelling in several other places as well
2032713 - Use compressed versions of javascript libraries
1989653 - Duplicate Report names

Click here to download OrangeHRM 2.4-beta.7.



OrangeHRM on Ostatic

Posted in General  by Himath 1 Comment

Ostatic is a blog devoted to open source software. The name is supposed to mean “Ecstatic” about “Open Source”. Its goal is to increase the adoption of Open Source software. The site is a directory of Open Source software and the number of projects listed is supposed to exceed 150,000. In addition to the directory, it is also a place where users can create user accounts and review the software they use. This allows potential users to evaluate software based on user reviews before thet adopt them. In truse sense of open source this can become a community where users help each other select the best open source software that would suit them. OrangeHRM is now listed on Ostatic.

Ostatic also has articles and interviews on Open Source software. Read interview on OrangeHRM.

I hope you will visit Ostatic and review OrangeHRM as well as other great open source products you use.

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Help us improve OrangeHRM leave module

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OrangeHRM is a product that matures fast with the help of the collective intelligence of its large community of users all over the world. We have received a lot of requests to further improve the leave module.

Now we have made the process easier by creating a survey that users can take to communicate their preferences for changes in the Leave Module.

We appreciate if you could take a few minutes to take the survey and help us improve OrangeHRM leave module.

Click here to take survey.

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OrangeHRM is now supported on Firefox 3

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Firefox 3We are happy to announce that OrangeHRM is now supported on the latest and best Firefox version 3. This was added in OrangeHRM 2.4-beta.5 (download now).

Firefox 3, which is faster, safer, and smarter is the latest version of this great browser. If you are not already using Firefox 3, we strongly recommend you to download and use it. The popularity of Firefox 3 is evident from OrangeHRM website statistics. In July 51% of visitors to the OrangeHRM website used Firefox while 53% of that number used Firefox 3.0 or above.

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